We spread love but RSS divides India with hatred: Rahul Gandhi

FURSATGANJ (AMETHI): Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday targeted the RSS in a meeting with party workers here on Wednesday stating that there was a big difference between Congress and RSS workers. Rahul said that while the hearts of Congress workers were filled with love for all, RSS workers see people through the lens of religion.

Calling party workers as the foot soldiers of Congress ideology at the launch of Shakti, an online platform where workers can directly connect with party leadership, Rahul said: “Jab aap hindustan ke kisi bhi vyakti ko daikhte hain – chahe woh hindu ho muslalman ho kisi bhi jaat ya dharm ka ho – apke dil mein uske liye pyar hota hai… aap kahte ho ki woh hindustani… Aap mein aur RSS mein yahi fark hai,” adding, “RSS ka vyakti jab kisi ko daikhta hai toh kehta hai ki ye hindu hai, ye musalman hai, sikh hai, jatav hai, mahila hai, dalit hai.” (When you see a person in this country, you call him an Indian irrespective of caste and religion. You have nothing but love for the person in your heart. That is the difference between RSS and you. When a RSS worker looks at a person, they judge him on the basis of their religion, caste and gender.)

Reminding the workers about party’s secular legacy, Rahul further said, “ham jodne ka kaam karte hain… ham pyar failane ka kaam karte hain aur bhaichara badhane ka kaam karte hain par woh Bharat ko todne ka kaam karte hain nafrat aur krodh faylate hain.” (We are here to unite everyone. To spread love and brotherhood. They are here divide everyone and spread hatred.)

Emphasising that Congress workers formed an army of people who were committed to spreading love, Rahul said: “ye jo aapki pyar karne ki shakti hai …. yahi congress ki shakti hai… ham mil ke isi vichar dhara ko agey bachayenge aur BJP RSS ko desh se parey hatayenge.” (Our strength is to spread love and we will work together to promote this idea and save the country from BJP and RSS).

Rahul also apprised the workers about the Shakti programme which links the ordinary worker with the party leadership. Technical experts from party’s IT cell also demonstrated how to connect with the application which allowed the workers to speak their hearts and minds besides providing them with the ready reference materials on party ideology and stands on various issues such as GST, demonetisation etc.

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