Vijayawada: Man blames wife in video, ends life

Vijayawada: Man blames wife in video, ends life

Vijayawada: Man blames wife in video, ends life

VIJAYAWADA: A 32-year-old man committed suicide at the Vijayawada railway station on Monday night after taking a selfie video on his mobile just before the act.  According to the police, the victim has been identified as Gurava Reddy, a resident of Krishnalanka. In the video recording, he alleged that his wife and in-laws were responsible for his death.

According to sources, M. Gurava Reddy fell in love with K. Gayatri and they both tied the knot in 2013. Later, Gurava Reddy helped Gayatri in continuing her education. She had joined a software company at Hyderabad. Gurava Reddy used to visit his wife once a week and continued to stay at Vijayawada.  For the last six months, Gurava Reddy observed a change in his wife’s behaviour. He then installed an app on her mobilephone, which tracks all calls and messages. With the help of the app, Gurava Reddy came to know that his wife was having an affair with another man.

On June 30, Gurava Reddy confronted his wife and questioned her about his suspicions. He later dropped her at his in-laws’ home in Vijayawada where he had an heated argument  with his mother-in-law Sudha Rani, father-in-law Kameswara Rao, and brother-in-law Sudhir following which they tried to kill themselves by consuming a few medicines present at home. They were rushed to Andhra Hospital are now said to be safe.

Meanwhile, Gurava Reddy’s wife registered a complaint with the police. In the police statement, Gurava Reddy’s in-laws said he was suspecting his wife unnecessarily. On July 1, the police called Gurava Reddy to the police station where revealed about the app installation in his wife’s mobilephone and her affair with another man. Gurava was sent back on the same evening.

On Monday, after receiving the selfie video of Gurava Reddy, his father informed the matter to the police who then started searching for him and found his body on platform number 6 of the Vijayawada railway station. Inspector of Krishnalanka Police Station P. Chandra Sekhar told DC “We have registered a case under Section 306 of the IPC against his wife, in-laws and brother-in-law and started investigation.

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