‘Vampire’ killer caught while drinking blood of woman whose throat he slit

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'Vampire' killer caught while drinking blood of woman whose throat he slit

A ‘vampire’ killer who brutally slit an elderly lady’s throat so he could suck blood from her would has been arrested in Zimbabwe, after being foung with a blood-fillwd pot.

Christopher Sibanda, 34, struck his victim, Subusisiwe Sigauke several times with a log before allegedly cutting her throat with a sharp implement.

He was caught red-handed in Sikhewu village when a passerby saw him sucking Sigauke’s blood from her neck, reports the Chronicle.

Assistant inspector for Matabeleland North, Eglon Nkala, said he could confirm that the suspect allegedly committed a murder at around 2pm on Wednesday along the main road from Kana Mission Hospital to Sikhewu village.

Edward Marijeni, a local councillor, said that although the arrested was known to ‘sometimes seems to lose his mind’ he had not received any treatment for mental health issues.

Marijeni said that he allegedly attacked the elderly woman while she was walking home from hospital, where she had collected medication.

Villagers who discovered him at the crime scene allege that he was sucking the victim’s blood after finding him sticking his mouth on the wound.

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