UIDAI: Aadhaar data absolutely safe

NEW DELHI: The Unique Identification Authority of India has asked people not to pay heed to rumours over its helpline number appearing in mobile phone software and said aAadhar data remained absolutely safe.

In a statement, the UIDAI said Google had accepted the error in the a defunct UIDAI helpline being part of the software supplied to phone manufacturers and opponents of Aadhaar were attempting to scare people.

“It may be noted that Google has clarified that UIDAI’s old contact number 18003001947 was added by it inadvertently along with police/fire number 112 in 2014 and has since been continuing through sync mechanism. It has also expressed its regret for the same. Google has also assured that it will fix this inadvertent error in their next release,” the UIDAI said. The authority expected that Google, a large digital platform provider, would exercise due care so that such things were not repeated in future.

“Rumours are being floated in some social media that this number has mysteriously popped up on mobile devices and will be harmful. This is not correct,” UIDAI said.

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