Top 6 Youtube channels for kids

Top 6 Youtube channels for kids

Top 6 Youtube channels for kids

Having kids at home sounds good, but it sometimes becomes a tedious task for many parents or caretakers to always stay with their kids teaching them something new or just playing with them. If they are left alone they will either break some crockery or will irritate you for something or the other. Here youtube comes in the picture, where you can subscribe to some kids channel and teach them how to operate it, that becomes an interesting gadget for them. It also makes learning easier and fun for them, as these channels try to include funny content in between learning videos. So, here we have the list of top 6 youtube channels which you can subscribe for your child to make his childhood learning more interesting.

1. Disney Junior – Disney was an all-time favourite channel for most of us, why not let our kids enjoy amazing characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, etc. Disney Junior is an online extension of Walt Disney on youtube. You can find those old cartoons as well as new ones on this channel here (

2. Netflix Jr. – Netlflix junior is a youtube channel owned and operated by Netflix, for kids starting from KG to 2nd or 3rd grade. It has cartoons and animated videos of superheroes like Little Bheem, StoryBots and Super Monsters. There are also videos like teaching kids on how to protect themselves from viruses and benefits of doing exercise. This channel will definitely help your child in learning through cartoon characters and will also keep him/her entertained. Here is the link to the youtube channel (

Netflix Jr.

3. Sesame Street – Those cute muppets which we used to see in our childhood days have now arrived on youtube and you can find them too by going to this youtube channel named Sesame Street. It has all those characters in a new form named Abby, Elmo, Bert, Ernie, and others. It is a perfect channel for your kids if you want them to learn from cartoons. Have a look once at this channel here (

Sesame Street

4. National Geographic Kids – NAT Geo has come out of the television to entertain and teach kids in the form of National Geographic Kids. It has all you need for your kids from cartoons like Explorer academy or Barbie’s magical world to science and nature and that too in a very interesting form. This channel has content for kids starting from pre KG to 4th or 5th grade. You just show anyone series of this channel to your kids and I’m sure that they will love it and at the same time learn a lot from the informative content. The link to this youtube channel is here (

National Geographic Kids

5. TED-Ed – TED-Ed has answers to all questions like what happens if there are no trees on earth or why the sun shines, now you don’t have to worry about answering those questions of your child because TED-Ed will answer them all. It has learning content creatively designed for kids and some teens too. Videos on this channel contain animated characters and cartoons to make learning fun.

Seeing the quality and quantity of content on this channel, it is a reliable platform for your kid to learn. You can find the link to the youtube channel here (


6. Super Simple Songs – If you want your child to learn from rhymes and songs then this channel is probably the best for you. Super Simple Songs has got songs and rhymes all the way from “Twinkle- Twinkle little star” to “My happy song” curated in the form of animation. This will keep your child occupied with their songs in the boring afternoons and will help them learn many things. Link to this channel is here.

Super Simple Songs

You can find many youtube channels for kids on the web but I will suggest you not to go for any channel without doing proper research. The channels listed above are all renowned and verified channels, so I would recommend you to go for these channels because its a matter of your child learning process at a tender age. Hope you loved this info.

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