Telangana BJP analyses political scenario in Andhra Pradesh

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Telangana BJP analyses political scenario in Andhra Pradesh

Hyderabad: Several political developments have been occurring in Andhra Pradesh recently where the TD is most likely to snap ties with the BJP due to the Central government’s negligence towards AP’s demands. Telangana state BJP is worried about the backlash it will face in Andhra- dominated Assembly segments in the state.

According to BJP sources, there are numerous people from Andhra Pradesh, living in Telangana state, in as many as 39 Assembly segments, and they are traditionally anti-Congress and pro-Telugu Desam since many years. In case the present developments in Andhra Pradesh lead to a break-up of alliance between the TD and the BJP, which the BJP believes is most likely to happen, lakhs of ‘Andhra’ voters in Telangana may turn against the BJP.

“These Andhra voters are traditionally anti-Congress. So, they may not turn in favour of Congress as they also have a feeling that it was the Congress governme-nt at the Centre that had divided the state unscientifically,” sources said.

Now there is a fear in the BJP that these parti-cular voters will also tu-rn their ire against the BJP for not cooperating with release of sufficient funds for the TD government in AP which intended to develop AP on par with other states.

However, the Andhra voters may also not prefer the TD in Telangana as the party already suffered severe set backs for the last four years on account of major desertions into the TRS. The massive victories posted by TRS in Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) elections in the Andhra dominated divisions in Hyderabad city was an evident to this.

“It is clear now that Andhra people living in Telangana will switch over to the TRS than moving close to the BJP,” a senior leader of the state BJP said.

They believe that there might be an understanding between Chief Min-isters K. Chandrasekhar Rao and N. Chandrababu Naidu on all these developments.

Giving an example, they said that while the TD MPs created all ‘hu-ngama’ in the Lok Sab-ha, it was TRS MPs A.P. Jitender Reddy and Kal-vakuntla Kavitha who voiced their support to ‘AP cause’ in the House.

Sources said that few leaders have prepared a note on the political developments in Andhra Pradesh vis-a-vis its impact on Telangana and presented to the BJP high command leaders. It seems that they have also mentioned the role of Pawan Kalyan in the report, stating TRS leaders are not criticising him, in turn Pawan Kalyan was praising Telangana Chief Minister on the development and welfare activities. We believe the TRS chief is cleverly moving the pawns, including on the Pawan Kalyan issue,”  said a senior BJP leader.

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