Psychiatrist in Jaipur for Social Phobia Treatment

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According to Wikipedia there are 40% of the population is introvert, who are afraid of speaking in front of a large crowd on social platforms. It is important to understand that being introvert and suffering from mental disease and social phobia are two distinct things. 

 There are chances that the person is of an introvert nature and enjoys being quiet and spending time with only a few closer ones. If that is not the case then that person must be suffering from the acute case of SAD or Social Anxiety disorder or commonly referred to as social phobia.

Person suffering from social phobia disease, feels nervousness anxiety or stress, while coming forward to the group of people. This mental disorder eventually leads to a more impulsive behaviour like Abuse substance use or any other addiction or even mental stress. It is important to take the timely treatment from the psychiatrist in Jaipur to lead a more confident and cheerful life ahead.

 Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan which is evolving and has opened various platforms for the young generation.  Public speaking, communication skills are the major requirements from any organisation who are looking for new candidates. It becomes necessary for the children and adolescence to overcome their fear of public speaking and open to the fresh opportunities for their future.

Psychiatrist in Jaipur for social phobia treatment 

 If you or your loved one are experiencing social phobia or any other mental problems, then visit Dr Sanjay Jain, at  Neuro Psychiatric Clinic for the best treatment. The clinic is centrally located in Jaipur.

 Doctor Sanjay Jain is among one of the reputed psychiatrists in Jaipur. He has experience of 13 years in giving the right treatment to his patients.  The Specialist has been also awarded as the  “2020 top ranking psychiatrist in Jaipur”,  by a USA based ranking website which gives top 3 rankings to the best candidates or the leaders of the specific industry.

 He is also the most reviewed and highly rated psychiatrist in Jaipur according to Google, lybrate, practo, justdial and other  listing websites. 

 Doctor Sanjay Jain is passionate towards his work and has been continuously working on creating awareness of different mental issues among the society. Many of his articles upon the mental diseases have been published in regional newspapers. He also did many radio chat shows to spread the different mental issues faced by teenagers and women.

 If you are living outside Jaipur, you can still consult a psychiatrist in Jaipur through online facilities.  Online consultation is available at with  the consultation fees of  just rupees 550/.

  When to visit the psychiatrist  for Social Phobia Treatment

Causes of Social phobia

 Symptoms are not clearly stated; we assume it that continuous pressure or nagging weakens the confidence of individuals.  This might escalate hastiness in public speaking and social gathering.There are many genetic and environmental causes involved. If you have a relative or family member who has a SAD social anxiety disorder, then you also have prime chances of developing social phobia.

  • Genetics: 

Social phobia disorder can run in your genes.

  • Brain Structure:

Amygdala Structure in your brain might play a role in managing the fear response. 

  • Environmental factors:

Places that are isolated, have extreme climates, and are remote have higher rates of social anxiety disorder compared to densely populated areas.

Symptoms of Social Phobia

 Patients suffering from social phobia usually start shivering, turn into red and are in a state of shock before walking amidst the crowd. Such people avoid the  attention and  choose to stay aloof,

Some symptoms of social phobia disorder are:

  • Pounding or racing of the heartbeat.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Rapid speech or incapability to speak.
  • Profuse sweating.
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness.

Treatment of Social Phobia: 

Low intensity problems of social phobia disorder fade with time, but where symptoms are severe and intense professional treatment is necessary. Though there is no specific treatment to treat SAD, the psychiatrist may suggest the combination of treatment to provide relief.

Treatment by Best Psychiatrist in Jaipur

Dr Sanjay Jain initially studies the patient through different test and questionnaires and tries to understand the basic causes of the disease.

 After the proper diagnosis of the disease causes are identified. He then takes the patient and their relatives into confidence and shares the respective treatment with them. 

Treatment for social phobia disorder includes 



The psychiatrist may even suggest behavioural therapy, medications, or a combination of both.

Cost of treatment of Social Phobia:

Cost may vary according to the treatment duration and severity of the symptoms. Consult with Dr. Sanjay Jain. To know more about the treatment and cost please fill this form.

Consultation Cost: Rs 500

Social phobia is basically a psychological behaviour. It can be cured with patience and support of the family. It is very much important for the family members and the friends of the patient to understand the problem and help them overcome the fear, by constant appreciation and support.  Dr Sanjay Jain the best psychiatrist in Jaipur understands the nature of the mental problem social phobia and treats it with patience and care. He  prescribed medication, therapy, counselling to set the right attitude in its patients and help them to overcome reluctance in meeting people or being on stage.

 If you are also looking for in social phobia treatment in Jaipur, then we recommend Dr Sanjay Jain as the best psychiatrist in Jaipur based on his work, reviews, ratings, and his excellence. 

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