PM Modi Must Prove Allegations of Corruption Against My Govt, Says Siddaramaiah

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PM Modi Must Prove Allegations of Corruption Against My Govt, Says Siddaramaiah

Karnataka Chief K Siddaramaiah attacked Prime Minister Modi on Monday for saying that there was a “10 per cent commission government” in the state and criminals were ruling the roost under it.

“The PM’s statements were irresponsible. He should provide proof of his allegations. The allegations were baseless and his speech was filled with lies,” Siddaramaiah said.

He also targeted BJP’s Chief Ministerial candidate BS Yeddyurappa. “The PM spoke about corruption with Yeddyurappa beside him. When he (Modi) was the CM of Gujarat he did not even appoint a Lokayukyta. Being the PM, he has stooped to the levels of Yeddyurappa, nothing can be more shameful than that,” Siddaramaiah said.

The Congress leader went on to speak about the achievements of his government. “When we came to power our position was 11th in investment list, from the past two years we are No. 1. These are statistics released by central government,” he said.

On Sunday, during a rally in Bengaluru, PM Modi teared into the Siddaramaiah government and said, “The Congress CM has only done business here. People are seeing how the Congress has run the government this last four years. They have ruled for only self-interest.”

“When the Congress was there in the centre, Karnataka was given Rs 73,000 crore. When the BJP came to power in the centre, we gave the state 2 lakh crore. It is an increase of 180 percent. However, have you seen that money given to the state?” he said.

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