Pickle making another big job creation, says MoS Gajendra Singh Shekhawat

Pickle making another big job creation, says MoS Gajendra Singh Shekhawat

BHOPAL: Amid raging debate over ‘pakoda-wallah’ and ‘chai-wallah’ as instances of job creation, union minister of state (MoS) for agriculture, Gajendra Singh Shekhawat on Thursday added ‘achaar’ (pickle) to it and claimed that even ‘achaar making and selling’ is a big job-creation.

“After pakoda making, achaar (pickle) making and selling has turned out to be a big source of job. I had advised one of my friend’s wife to begin her business with achaar (pickle) making. Now in two years the turnover of her enterprise has escalated to Rs 2 crore,” Shekhawat told reporters in a press meet here.

The union minister,who was here to discuss the implications of hiking the Minimum Support Price (MSP) for Kharif crops by the central government, praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the special gift that comes at an opportune time. He said after the decision, farmers celebrated Diwali and thanked the Prime Minister.

“PM Modi’s decision is an important step to increase the income of farmers and decisions taken by him in the interest of the farmers would never be forgotten in the history. The BJP government also controlled the rocketing price of pulses and the country has done surplus production of pulses,” he said.

Comparing Modi era with ‘Ram rajya’ (era of Lord Ram), Shekhawat said that several crucial decisions were taken to promote and improve agriculture in the country. The country has joined top ten nations in the export of food grains and the government is taking quick decisions to double the farmers’ incomes by 2022, he said.

“Modi ji ke kisanon ke liye kiye gaye kaam ko yugon tak yaad rakha jayega. Ram bhale hi rooth jaye par raaj nahin ruthega (PM Modi’s work for the farmers will be remembered till ages. Ram might sulk but the regime will continue),” said Shekhawat quoting a proverb in Rajasthani dialect.

The minister later clarified that his mention of `Ram ruthe’ was for natural calamity. If nature will be adverse, the public will support the party and the PM, he said.

Taking a jibe at Shekhawat’s statement, Congress state media in-charge Manak Agrawal said that BJP ministers were leaving no chance to flatter their high command. “This is height of sycophancy. BJP ministers should quit their post and sell pakodas and pickles,” said Agrawal.

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