Patrani Machhi Recipe

Patrani Machhi Recipe
800 gms fish
little vinegar
salt to taste
banana leaves to wrap each fillet
30 ml goundnut oil
3 lemons


How to make Patrani Machhi :
  • Clean and wash fish.
  • Make fillets and cut each fillet into two.
  • Make horizontal slits on the pieces. Sprinkle vinegar and salt and miarinate for 30 minutes.
  • Trim, wash and wipe banana leaves. Cut coconut into pieces. Clean and chop coriander.
  • Wash, slit and remove the seeds from the green chillies. Peel garlic.
  • Now put all these and the remaining ingredients in the mixie to make a smooth paste. Keep aside.
  • Stuff fish pieces with chutney and spread the rest on both sides. Apply oil on banana leaves and wrap each piece separately.
  • Steam the wrapped fish pieces for 30 minutes. Cut lemon into wedges.
  • After 30 minutes, remove fish from steam, unwrap arrange on a platter and serve with lemon wedges.

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