Our click moment was when we decided to launch one-tap buying: Anant Goel

Our click moment was when we decided to launch one-tap buying: Anant Goel

Anant Goel, co-founder and CEO, Milkbasket

Anant Goel, co-founder and CEO, Milkbasket

Superior and seamless customer experience has been Milkbasket’s foundation. Beginning with the milk-run model, our mission was to make everyday grocery buying as ubiquitous as electricity.

In 2015, soon after we started receiving great response from our customers, we decided to upgrade our offerings with other grocery items.

While brainstorming on better services, one of my co-founders, Yatish, pointed out that it was very arduous to place an order on an e-commerce website, and usually involves 6-7 steps, especially for groceries.

As it was, ordering, checking out, picking up a slot and processing payments were painful.

Selling grocery online had also had its own challenges. However, we had wanted Milkbasket to make everyday buying just as easy as calling someone.

We then had our one-click moment. One tap ordering was conceptualized to eliminate numerous steps from the grocery ordering process. The customer could just select the items, and get them delivered on time.

No checkout or payment processing. Payments were made from a prepaid wallet.

It took us nearly 30 days to develop the right processes in managing cancellations, alterations in the order, and other customer requests, and integrate it in our app.

Throughout that journey, all the founders were extremely committed to provide superior customer experience, and were unwilling to compromise on that.

One-tap buying is our key differentiator. Over the past three years, the number of households we reach has grown to 63,000, and we have delivered over 3 million orders, achieving a fulfilment rate of 99.7%.

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