Oppositions’ sole agenda is remove PM Modi, says Amit Shah

Oppositions’ sole agenda is remove PM Modi, says Amit Shah

AGRA: Stung by the recent defeats in by-elections at the hands of the SP-BSP combine and the proposed ‘grand alliance’ of opposition parties for the 2019 election, BJP National President, Amit Shah, on Thursday minced no words in running down the “Bua-bhatija” combine and claimed that the two had nothing to offer to Uttar Pradesh, except corruption and anarchy.

Shah, who was in the city to address a gathering of intellectuals, also targeted other opposition leaders, including Mamata Banerjee and Chandrababu Naidu, and said that “they all had no agenda except to defeat Narendra Modi”. Shah asked the audience to ask these leaders what they had to offer.

“You should see for yourself why Akhilesh is shaking hands with buaji and why are Mamata Banerjee and Naidu joining them”, he said adding that once this question is asked, everyone will know their real “anti-Modi agenda”.

Dubbing the apparent bonhomie between these leaders, Shah said, “as elections approach, their friendships will thicken further but the BJP will only shake hands with the masses”. Urging the intellectuals to understand the “sinister game” of the opposition parties, Shah said, “it’s your responsibility to inform the public and expose them’.

“These parties only want to remove Modi. They do not want to remove poverty and darkness in your lives. They do not want to remove the lawlessness and unemployment”, he said urging the people to think before they make any decision.

He claimed that despite these alliances, BJP will win more seats than what it won in 2014. “Our seats will go up to 74 but will not go down from the existing 73”, he said.

He said he was confident that the people of UP will not support parties that support “castism” and promote family hegemony. “UP and this country has got clean government after a long time and people will not let them go”, he said.

He said Modi had given “Rs 3-4 lakh crores” more to UP and many people oriented schemes had been launched. He expressed hope that people will continue to repose faith in Modi and his team.

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