National Fruit of India: Mango

National Fruit of India: Mango

National Fruit of India Mango

Mango is the National Fruit of India since 1950. It is a fleshy fruit of the tree Mangifera Indica which tastes sweet when ripe and sour when green. It is used for consuming directly when ripe, green mangoes for pickle and also consumed in the form of many delicious dishes.

It is one of the most important and widely cultivated fruit in India with around 1.23 million hectares of cultivation. India is the largest producer of this fruit and accounts for 52% of the total mango production in the world with approximately 19 million tonnes of produce.

Mangifera Indica grows in tropical climate regions and is suitable to grow in any kind of soil including arid, semi-arid, wetlands, etc. This is the reason why it is cultivated at such a large scale in India. Mango is a rich source of Vitamins A, C and D and its juicy sweet taste attracts the taste buds every

India has over 100 varieties of mango cultivated in different parts of the country having distinct shape, colour, size and taste. Some of the famous varieties of mango include Dasheri from Uttar Pradesh, Chaunsa from Himachal Pradesh, Langra from Uttar Pradesh, Kesar from Gujarat, Himsagar from West Bengal, Alphonso from Maharashtra, Totapuri from Karnataka, among many others.

Historical Legacies of Mango

Mangoes of different varieties have been cultivated in India from the time immemorial. Sculptures of the fruit have been found at Buddhist monuments in Sanchi and the Ajanta caves. Kalidas works find mention of the fruit praising its taste. Accounts of people who visited India in the past also find mention of the fruit including the Alexandra who savoured its taste and the Chinese pilgrim Hieun Tsang. Maratha kings planted rows of the mango tree on the sideways of the roads as a mark of prosperity. Mughal Emperors starting from Babur to Akbar and others were also very fond of the mango. Akbar even planted a 100,000 mango trees orchard in Darbhanga of Bihar(now known as Lakhi Bagh). Our recent history also finds praise of this fruit with Rabindranath Tagore praising mango taste and the smell of its flowering trees in some of his poems.

These are the reasons why Mango is chosen as the National fruit of India and probably the most loved fruit of India. Hope you like it!

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