Most powerful passports of 2020

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The planet was experiencing greater freedom of travel before Covid-19 struck than at any point in history.

Air travel has been increasing gradually for decades, and visa-free or visa-on-arrival entry to 107 foreign destinations was open to the average passport holder worldwide.

And then came the restrictions on travel.

The Henley Passport Index, which tests the most travel-friendly passports in the world periodically, has just issued its third survey of the new decade.

A U.S. passport allows you visa-free entry to 185 destinations without taking into consideration new EU travel bans and numerous other coronavirus-related border closures. Although it is far from the world’s most effective passport. In fact, as of July 7, 2020, a ranking of world passports by the number of destinations their holders would enter without securing a visa before arrival did not even crack the top five of the Henley Passport Index.

The distinction of the world’s best passport goes to Japan, with a visa-free or visa-upon-arrival entry for its holders to visit 191 destinations. With visa-free travel to 190 destinations, Singapore is near behind in second place. With entry to 189 destinations each, South Korea and Germany were tied for the third position.

The United States ranking:

The United States does not appear on the list until seventh, a ranking it shares with the United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland, and Belgium, each of which has visa-free entry to 185 destinations, in a five-way tie. The last time the United States occupied the top spot in the Henley Index Passport rankings was back in 2015, when it tied with the United Kingdom for first place. Both countries have slipped a few positions a year to their new position at the edge of the top 10 since Brexit and the 2016 election.

India ranking:

According to a new survey, Indian passports ranked 84th in the world’s most strong passport index in 2020, will get you visa-free access to 58 destinations worldwide. Henley & Partners has released a passport ranking based on data from the International Air Transport Association ( IATA), where countries are listed according to the number of destinations their passport holder may enter without a previous visa.

In 2020, India’s passport ranking drops 2 places to 84th place, where Mauritania and Tajikistan are tagged together. As it is ranked 71st, China’s passport is more strong than India’s. Afghanistan’s passport is the worst in the world, while Pakistan’s, according to the Henley Passport Index 2020 survey, is the fourth worst.

Indian passport holders can travel visa-free to 58 destinations like Bhutan, Cambodia, Indonesia, Macao, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Kenya, Mauritius, Seychelles, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Iran, and Qatar. However, you might require a visa-on-arrival in some countries.

World’s top 10 most powerful passports:

1) Japan: Visa-free entry to 191 countries

2) Singapore: 190 countries

3) Germany, South Korea: 189

4) Finland, Italy: 188

5) Denmark, Luxembourg, Spain: 187

6) France, Sweden: 186

7) Austria, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland: 185

8) Belgium, Greece, Norway, UK, USA: 184

9) Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Malta, New Zealand: 183

10) Hungary, Lithuania, Slovakia: 181

World’s worst passports:

1) Afghanistan: Visa-free access to 26 countries

2) Iraq: 28 countries

3) Syria: 29

4) Pakistan, Somalia: 32

5) Yemen: 33

6) Libya: 37

7) Nepal, Palestinian Territory: 38

8) North Korea, Sudan: 39

9) Kosovo, Lebanon: 40

10) Bangladesh, Congo, Eritrea, Iran: 41

“However, the regular ranking does not take temporary bans into account — and that, Henley & Partners says in a statement, is where the juiciest information lie:” It is eye-opening to think what travel rights for holders of once-prestigious passports look like.

The list of Henley & Partner is one of many indices created by financial firms to evaluate global passports according to their citizens’ access to them.

Based on data provided by the International Air Transport Authority (IATA), the Henley Passport Index covers 199 passports and 227 destinations for travel. It is revised during the year in real-time, when and when visa policy revisions fall into effect.

The Arton Capital Passport Index covers the passports of 193 member countries of the United Nations and six territories, including ROC Taiwan, Macau (SAR China), Hong Kong (SAR China), Kosovo, the Palestinian Territory, and the Vatican. Excluded are areas transferred to other nations.

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