Longest Mountain ranges in the World

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Longest Mountain ranges in the World
Longest Mountain ranges in the World

Andes, South America – 7,242 km

Andes, South America

Rocky Mountains, North America – 6,035 km

Rocky Mountains Range
Rocky Mountains, North America

Himalayas/Karakoram/Hindu Kush, Asia – 3,862 km

Himalayas Range
Himalayas/Karakoram/Hindu Kush, Asia

Great Dividing Range, Australia- 3,621 km

Great Dividing Range
Great Dividing Range, Australia

Trans Antarctic, Antarctica – 3,541 km

Trans Antarctic
Trans Antarctic, Antarctica

Sumatran/Javan Range, Asia – 2,897 km

Sumatran Javan Range
Sumatran Javan Range

Tien Shan, Asia – 2,253 km

Tien Shan
Tien Shan, Asia

Eastern Ghats, Asia – 2,092 km

Eastern Ghats
Eastern Ghats, Asia

Urals, Eurasia – 2,012 km

Urals Mountains
Urals, Eurasia

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