K’taka govt hikes fuel prices: BJP mocks Rahul Gandhi for proposing ‘Fuel Challenge’

K’taka govt hikes fuel prices: BJP mocks Rahul Gandhi for proposing ‘Fuel Challenge’

NEW DELHI: Following Karnataka government’s decision to hike the prices of fuel, BJP on Thursday mocked Congress chief Rahul Gandhi for proposing a “Fuel Challenge” to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, earlier in May.

“No takers for Rahul Gandhi’s #FuelChallenge, not even his government!” BJP said in a tweet as it referred to Congress chief’s tweet from May 24 when he had challenged PM Modi to reduce the prices of fuel or face nationwide agitation.

“This is what happens when you pretend to know and preach things that you have no idea about!!!” read the remaining part of BJP’s tweet.

Earlier today, the Karnataka government, which is led by a coalition of Congress and JD(S), during the presentation of the annual budget, had increased the rate of tax on petrol from the present 30% to 32% and diesel from 19% to 21%, resulting in the increase in prices of petrol by Rs 1.14/litre and of diesel by Rs 1.12/litre.

The announcement prompted BJP to recall Rahul’s challenge to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on fuel prices.

In May this year, fuel prices sky-rocketed to strongest since late-2014 amid production cuts led by the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

The “unprecedented” price rise made the Congress chief to propose a “Fuel Challenge” to the PM on Twitter.

“Dear PM, Glad to see you accept the @imVkohli fitness challenge. Here’s one from me: Reduce Fuel prices or the Congress will do a nationwide agitation and force you to do so. I look forward to your response. #FuelChallenge,” Rahul had said in a tweet.



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