World XI vs West Indies T20 Live Cricket Score

World XI vs West Indies T20 Live Cricket Score

  • ICC World XI vs West Indies T20 Live Cricket Score:

    WI 199/4 (20.0 Ovs)

    WXI 127-all out (16.4 Ovs)

    Windies won by 72 runs
    Evin Lewis
    • We have often heard the sentence, Cricket Is The Real Winner. We can proudly say that the game has indeed been the winner today. West Indies did win the match but it really did not matter which team ended up as the winning side. Sometimes, in sport, there are things much more important than just a win or loss. Today was such an occasion. ICC asked cricketers from all over the world to come and play in this charity match to raise funds and rebuild stadiums in Caribbean which were destroyed by hurricanes, the cricketers obliged. ICC asked people to come to Lord’s and watch, they too came. The board asked people to donate and we are pretty sure, a hefty amount would have come their way. It was so good to see the West Indies players taking a victory lap and applauding the crowd.

      The game also happened to be Shahid Afridi’s last international match. Don’t forget, he did not get a grand farewell when he announced his retirement. Today was the day when he could raise his arms for one more time in the air to celebrate a wicket and he did it too.

      All in all, a good day of not just cricket but of hopes that people can get unite to rebuild, redevelop anything and that’s enough to keep us in good spirits.
      The T20 World Champions lived up to their billing as World XI were no match for them. They lost four wickets inside four overs and never really got going. Thisara Perera’s career best prolonged the game and gave the spectators some more time to donate to the charitable cause. We also saw Afridi bow out one final time in an international game and the reception he got from the Lord’s crowd was outstanding. Badree and Russell started it all with the ball, while Williams finished it.

    • Hand shakes are all around and West Indies are doing a victory lap, congratulating and thanking the crowd who spent money to buy tickets and come to watch this match, helping to rebuild the 5 stadias in Caribbean.

    • That means West Indies beat World XI by 72 runs. Kesrick Williams to McClenaghan, out Caught by Nurse!! All over. Windies win by 72 runs. Mills is not coming out to bat as he injured his hammy while fielding. Windies take a lap of the ground to appreciate the support they got. The off-cutter angled across the left-hander, McClenaghan wanted to heave it across the line and ended up slicing it towards sweeper cover, the ball was dipping in front of Nurse, but he does extremely well to run forward, dive full length and take it cleanly. McClenaghan c Nurse b Kesrick Williams 10(8) [6s-1]

    • Williams continues.

    • After 16 overs,ICC World XI 124/8 ( Mitchell McClenaghan 9 , Sandeep Lamichhane 2)

      An irritating period in the game for West Indies as they look for the ninth wicket which will be the last wicket a Tymal Mills is injured and won’t bat.

    • SIX! McClenaghan stays still and swings it hard to the leg side, connects well and fetches four for himdelf at deep mid-wicket.

    • FOUR! Off-spinner from Nurse to McClenaghan, who misses it and also the keeper, the ball goes for a boundary to third man.
    • Nurse continues

    • After 15 overs,ICC World XI 112/8 ( Mitchell McClenaghan 3 , Sandeep Lamichhane 1)

      Williams continues and he has taken the catch of the match, running backwards. With Perera and Rashid’s wicket, World XI have now given up the chance totally. World XI need 88 runs in 30 balls.

    • Sandeep Lamichhane, right handed bat, comes to the crease

    • OUT! Yorker length Rashid tries to play a cheeky short to fine leg, caught in front of the stumps and umpire raised the finger after a huge appeal. Rashid Khan lbw b Kesrick Williams 9(7) 
    • SIX! Rashid Khan heaves and connects well, gets a maximum for himself as the all sails over the fine leg.

    • OUT! A beauty running catch from Williams off his own bowling, Perera tries to go big over the mid-wicket but does not connect well, ball launches into the air and Williams runs backwards towards the mid-on to grab a brilliant catch. A fine innings comes to an end thanks to a fine catch. Perera c and b Kesrick Williams 61(37)
    • Williams into the attack.

      After 14 overs,ICC World XI 101/6 ( Thisara Perera 61 , Rashid Khan 3)

      Ashley Nurse into the attack and this move is suggestive of the fact that West Indies wants to end this early. Spinners can be tempting for the batsmen to hit. Rashid and Perera however carry on. 100 up for World XI, they need 99 runs in 36 balls.

    • DROPPED! Short tracker from Nurse, Rashid hits it straight to man at deep mid-wicket who makes a mess of it and drops.

    • Ashley Nurse, right-arm off break, comes into the attack

    • After 13 overs,ICC World XI 97/6 ( Thisara Perera 58 , Rashid Khan 2)

      Afridi has departed in what was the last innings of his international career. And with that wicket it seems, the last chance of World XI having any chance of winning this one has also gone. Perera is still battling it out but for how long? World XI need 103 runs in 42 balls.

    • Rashid Khan, right handed bat, comes to the crease

    • OUT! Full-toss and Afridi flicks it directly into the hands of the deep mid-wicket fielder, who catches it safely. End of Boom Boom from international cricket circuit. Afridi c Nurse b Keemo Paul 11(12) 

    • After 12 overs,ICC World XI 92/5 ( Thisara Perera 55 , Shahid Afridi (C) 11)

      Brilliant batting from Perera, whose batting stance has impressed everyone, with more force on his front leg and body falling ahead. In that way, he is able to transfer the weight on back foot easily. World XI need 108 runs in 48 balls.

    • FOUR! Short stuff from Perera and he pulls it blindly, get the leading edge, the ball flies off to fine leg for four

    • FOUR! Perera steers this fullish delivery through the covers for a boundary. And with that stroke he has also reached his FIFTY.

    • Andre Russell is back into the attack
    • After 11 overs,ICC World XI 80/5 ( Thisara Perera 44 , Shahid Afridi (C) 10)

      Afridi keeps tapping the ball and keeps forgetting that he has a runner. On the other end, Perera continues big hitting and keeps World XI just an inch interested in this chase. World XI need 120 runs in 54 balls.

    • SIX! Fullish from Williams but Perera goes big over mid-off this time for a maximum.

    • SIX! Short ball again and yet again Perera goes big over deep mid-wicket.

      Full Scorecard
    • Kesrick Williams is back into the attack

    • After 10 overs,ICC World XI 63/5 ( Thisara Perera 31 , Shahid Afridi (C) 8)

      Perera is not looking at his best but he is managing to put some balls away for a some big blows. Yet World XI is far away from this total. World XI need 137 runs in 60 balls.

    • SIX! Short ball from Brathwaite and Perera smashes it for a maximum over the deep mid-wicket.

    • After 9 overs,ICC World XI 54/5 ( Thisara Perera 24 , Shahid Afridi (C) 7)

      Shahid Afridi is living at the edge of the sword. He tried too much but only 4 runs comes off the over. Pressure building up quickly. World XI need 146 runs in 66 balls.

    • FOUR! Afridi walks across and he hits the ball to backward square leg for a boundary.

    • After 8 overs,ICC World XI 46/5 ( Thisara Perera 22 , Shahid Afridi (C) 1)

      Brathwaite comes in to bowl and he has got the big wicket of shoaib Malik. World XI is losing the plot so quickly here. World XI need 154 runs in 72 balls

    • Shahid Afridi, right handed bat, comes to the crease

    • OUT! Shoaib Malik departs as he is caught plumped in front of the stumps off Brathwaite. Shoaib Malik lbw b Brathwaite 12(10)
    • After 7 overs,ICC World XI 41/4 ( Shoaib Malik 9 , Thisara Perera 21)

      Keemo Paul is on now. This is the future of West Indies bowling, literally up against the rest of the world. Malik is the cool head here and he needs to guide Perera, who is trying to smash everything that is in his zone or not. He fetched two back to back fours in the last 2 balls however.

    • FOUR! Short ball, Perera rocks back and smashes it to deep-midwicket for a four.

    • FOUR! A slow full-toss and Perera puts bat to ball and the fielder at cover fails to well, cover it.
    • Keemo Paul comes into the attack,

    • After 6 overs,ICC World XI 30/4 ( Shoaib Malik 7 , Thisara Perera 12)

      Kesrick Williams into the attack and he is helping the World XI release the pressure off their shoulder by giving some freebies. Perera on the other hand has played some shocking shots, almost got involved into a catching practice. End of powerplay and things are not looking too good for World XI.

    • FOUR! Perera creates the room and cuts it through the point for a boundary.

    • FOUR! Short ball and Malik rocks on the back foot to puch it through the covers for four.

    • Kesrick Williams, right-arm fast medium, comes into the attack

    • After 5 overs,ICC World XI 19/4 ( Shoaib Malik 2 , Thisara Perera 8)

      Another good over for West Indies as they have not picked a wicket but kept things tight. World XI need a big innings here but who would make it happen?

    • After 4 overs,ICC World XI 16/4 ( Shoaib Malik 0 , Thisara Perera 8)

      Two back to back shockers for WXI in the last two overs. They need to relax a bit here now

    • FOUR! Short again and Perera goes to deep mid-wicket for a boundary.
    • FOUR! Short in length and Perera smashes it through cover for four.

    • OUT! Andre Russell gets Sam Billings, caught by Brathwaite Billings c Brathwaite b A Russell 4(6) 

    • After 3 overs,West Indies 23/0 ( Chris Gayle 1 , Evin Lewis 22)

      Badree gets rid of Ronchi and Karthik in over. World XI are on back foot and are losing this one very quickly.

    • OUT! Karthik gone too.  Half-tracker but Karthik mis-reads and gives a simple catch. Karthik c Lewis b Badree 0(5)

    • Dinesh Karthik, right handed bat, comes to the crease

    • OUT! Plumb, quicker in the air and skits it on to the pads, the ball was hitting the top of leg stump. Huge appeal and umpire instantly raises the finger.
      Ronchi lbw b Badree 0(2)
    • Badree is back on.

    • After 2 overs,ICC World XI 8/1 ( Luke Ronchi (W) 0 , Sam Billings 4)

      Andre Russell bowls the second over and he bowls an 89.4 mph one. He bowled on and on in hot Indian summer and thankfully the English summer is not much to worry about. But the highlight was Lewis’ catch.

    • FOUR! Full-toss on leg stump line and Billings playes it beautifully for four to long-on.

    • Sam Billings, right handed bat, comes to the crease

    • OUT! Blinder of a catch from Lewis at cover-point. There was some room for Tamim to smash the ball through the point region but there was Lewis, who took it flying in air. Tamim c Lewis b A Russell 2(8)

    • Andre Russell, right-arm fast, comes into the attack

    • After 1 overs,ICC World XI 2/0 ( Tamim Iqbal 1 , Luke Ronchi (W) 0)

      Badree opens the bowling the attack. Good tight start from the bowler, who almost trapped Ronchi on the third ball. However, umpire did not think it was out. NO DRS in this match but it turns out the ball was hitting the stumps.

    • Badree will open the attack.

    • Tamim Iqbal, left-handed batsman, and Luke Ronchi, right-handed batsman, comes to open the innings for World XI.

    • We are back with the chase.


      Innings Break

      Windies will take that. Lewis first, Samuels next and Ramdin towards the end took up the duties of hustling the scoreboard with a flurry of clean hits. Russell clobbered Rashid Khan for three sixes in the 19th over; settling his IPL scores while at it and that sparkling knock helped Windies squeeze 34 off the last 2 overs. Remember this is a used pitch (England v Pakistan 1st Test) and the slower balls are gripping. Won’t be a straightforward chase, but the powerplay overs will be crucial. Let’s see how the World XI respond to this stiff challenge.

      After 20 overs,West Indies 199/4 ( Denesh Ramdin (W) 44 , Andre Russell 21)

      Top class over from McClenaghan to finish things off. West Indies finish with but the way Ramdin and Russell were going, it seemed they would even clear the 210-run mark but hey, they have stopped them at 199.

      World XI will need exactly 200 runs to win this only T20I match.

    • FOUR! Predictable stuff from McClenaghan as he bowls a slower one and and far from off-stump, Ramdin clears his front leg and slices the slog over backward point
    • Mitchell McClenaghan  is back into the attack

    • After 19 overs,West Indies 189/4 ( Denesh Ramdin (W) 36 , Andre Russell 20)

      Big over for West Indies as 24 runs come off it, The major difference maker is Andre Russell, hitting three big sixes. One more over to go and it seems West Indies will easily cross rthe 200- run-mark.

    • SIX! Same length from Rashid and same shot from Russell, that has again gone long into the stands over the sight screen.
    • SIX! Fullish from Rahsid and Dre Russ picks it early, clears the front leg and goes big over the sight screen.
    • FOUR! Full-toss from Rashid and Ramdin smashes him to the deep extra cover for a boundary.
    • SIX! Russell picks the googly early and smashes this one over the deep mid-wicket for a maximum.

    • After 18 overs,West Indies 165/4 ( Denesh Ramdin (W) 31 , Andre Russell 1)

      Afridi back on and completed completed his quota, picked 1 for 34 in what could be his last T20I game. Yes, could be because you never know with Afridi.

    • SIX! Flighted in the air and on the leg stump line, Ramdin sits and sweeps it for a maximum.
    • After 17 overs,West Indies 158/4 ( Denesh Ramdin (W) 25 , Andre Russell 0)

      Not a bad over from Rashid as he gets the big wicket o Samuels. But Ramdin seems to be coming back into his groove. The next man is Andre Russell so we might get to see a few more sixes here.

    • SIX! Quick delivery from Rashid and full in length, Ramdin swings arm and goes flat over the cover for a maximum.
    • Andre Russell, right handed bat, comes to the crease

    • OUT! Samuesl tries to clear the long-on fielder but fails. He mishits the googly by Rashid and Perera at long-on does not make a mistake. Samuels c Perera b Rashid Khan 43(22)

      Rashid Khan is back into the attack

    • After 16 overs,West Indies 149/3 ( Marlon Samuels 42 , Denesh Ramdin (W) 17)

      West Indies getting a move on from here. A six and boundary from the last over and as expected, Ramdin coming in to make a mark in the game.A costly catch dropped by Rashid. Could be decisive in the end.

    • FOUR! Another flat-batted smack from Ramdin as he blasts the ball to deep mid-wicket boundary.

    • DROPPED and SIX! That was a short-ball from Afridi and it went straight to Rashid Khan and deep mid-wicket where he made a mess of it.

    • Shahid Afridi back on.

    • After 15 overs,West Indies 137/3 ( Marlon Samuels 41 , Denesh Ramdin (W) 6)

      Mitchell McClenaghan is back into the attack. Samuels has been keeping one end busy with fours and sixes. Ramdin will have to get a move on from here.

    • FOUR! Short ball and Samuels pulls it away for a boundary to fine leg.
    • Mitchell McClenaghan is back into the attack

    • After 14 overs,West Indies 127/3 ( Marlon Samuels 33 , Denesh Ramdin (W) 4)

      Afridi leaks run this time around and Samuels eyes big boundaries, manages to get a six and four in the over. 13 runs from the over.

    • FOUR! Short ball, outside of stump, Samules tries to cut, the ball takes the bottom edge and races away for four to third man.
    • SIX! On the legs, Samuels comes out and dispatches the ball over long on.
    • Shahid Afridi is back on.

    • After 13 overs,West Indies 113/3 ( Marlon Samuels 22 , Denesh Ramdin (W) 3)

      Sandeep Lamichhane comes into the attack and he mixed it up well with leg-spinner and googly until Samuels picked one and dispatched it for a maximum. 12 runs from this over.

    • SIX! Too slow and flighted, Samuels waits for it and then swings his arm to hit it over the long on into the second tier of the stands.
    • Sandeep Lamichhane, right-arm leg break, comes into the attack

    • After 12 overs,West Indies 101/3 ( Marlon Samuels 12 , Denesh Ramdin (W) 1)

      Shahid Afridi brings himself to the attack and he sent Flethcer back to the hut. He is spinning the ball to a great degree and that is good to see from Afridi who was not fully fit before the match.

    • Denesh Ramdin, right handed bat, comes to the crease

    • OUT! A very slow leg-spinner from Afridi, Fletcher falls into the trap, comes out and misses it completely. Luke Ronchi does the rest behind the stumps. Andre Fletcher st Ronchi b Afridi 7(9)
    • Shahid Afridi, right-arm leg break, comes into the attack

    • After 11 overs,West Indies 100/2 ( Andre Fletcher 7 , Marlon Samuels 12)

      Malik comes back on and he has gotten rid of Gayle straightaway. This is a big wicket but to be honest, West Indies would not mind it as he was batting realy slow. Samuels, the next man is off to a great start with two back to back sixes in the same over.

    • SIX! On the leg stump line and Samuels flicks this one for a six over the deep mid-wicket.
    • SIX! Samuels stayed quiet for a while to Malik and then came out to clear long-on for a maximum.
    • OUT! Gayle has been clean bowled by a quicker, straight delivery from Shoaib Malik. Gayle b Shoaib Malik 18(28) 
    • After 10 overs,West Indies 87/1 ( Chris Gayle 18 , Andre Fletcher 7)

      Rashid back on and he was hit for a four on the very first ball. Rashid, as always, improves on the length quickly. Gayle continues keeping patience in this innings which is quite unique to see.

    • FOUR! A little slower from Rashid and Fletcher goes big over his head to fetch a boundary.
    • Rashid Khan continues…

    • After 9 overs,West Indies 81/1 ( Chris Gayle 17 , Andre Fletcher 2)

      Afridi brings Malik back into the attack. Gayle and Andre Fletcher, who is the new man in are rotating the stike at the moment. This is an unlike Gayle innings. He is 17 off 25 balls. We think something big is around the corner.

    • Shoaib Malik is back into the attack

    • After 8 overs,West Indies 75/1 ( Chris Gayle 13 , Andre Fletcher 0)

      Rashid Khan is into the attack and as usual he has provided a breakthrough to his side in the first over itself. But what an innings from Lewis as well. Has given a great start to West Indies in this match.

    • OUT! Leggie this time at 62 mph from Rashid to Lewis, who could not pick it. Caught in the front of the stumps on back foot. Umpire raised the finger. Lewis lbw b Rashid Khan 58(26)
    • SIX! Rashid drifting a little on the legs, Lewis sits and sweeps it for a six.
    • Rashid Khan, right-arm leg break, comes into the attack

      • After 7 overs,West Indies 65/0 ( Chris Gayle 12 , Evin Lewis 51)

        Perera continues and Gayle is beginning to open his arms and more importantely is connecting now. Lewis reaches his fifty in the over. He is looking all set for a big one.

      FIFTY! He brings it up with a murderous shot. Full-toss from Perera and he bludgeons it over the deep mid-wicket !
    • FOUR! Perera gives a little room to Lewis, who gives a deft touch to the ball and fielder at short third man misses it. Another boundary.
    • Perera continues.

    After 6 overs,West Indies 51/0 ( Chris Gayle 10 , Evin Lewis 39)

    Mills bowls his third over on the trot and this time Gayle slashed him for a boundary. Lewis too had a good laugh in this over. 12 from the over. West Indies getting a move on.

  • FOUR! Fifty comes up for West Indies with this boundary. Lewis waited for the ball, made room and hit it through covers for four
  • DROPPED! Gayle cleared the legs but did not pick the slower one, the ball went up in the air and Mitchell McLenaghan running backwards from mid-on missed it completely.

  • FOUR! Mills pitches it full, ball coming in to Gayle and the Big Man clears the front leg and slashes it for four to deep mid-wicket.
  • Mills back on.

  • After 5 overs,West Indies 39/0 ( Chris Gayle 4 , Evin Lewis 35)

    Thisara Perera is into the attack. But it is Lewis who is in an attacking mode today. Hit one six and four and to be honest, he is making it up for Gayle’s dismall day today so far.

  • FOUR! This time Perera misses the line and bowls outside the off stump, Lewis finds the gap between point and cover to fetch a boundary.
  • SIX! Not too short but short enough for Lewis, who rocks back and pulls it over the mid-wicket for a huge one.
  • Thisara Perera, right-arm fast medium, comes into the attack

  • After 4 overs,West Indies 26/0 ( Chris Gayle 2 , Evin Lewis 24)

    Mills back on. Gayle continues to miss the balls. He was slowing down in form in the late half of the IPL and we can see the slump here. Mills has been mixing well, giving Gayle no idea of what is coming. One ball hit Gayle’s helmet grill and Afridi went up to him and to say, “keep the eye on the ball, please.” Excellent over from Mills comes to an end. Just 2 runs from it.

  • Mills back on.

  • After 3 overs,West Indies 23/0 ( Chris Gayle 1 , Evin Lewis 22)

    Shoaib Malik comes into the attack. And Lewis goes big over the deep mid-wicket for a six on only the second ball. He went big again on the fourth ball and almost for boundaries on the last two. He is looking in some good touch today.

  • SIX! Malik comes round the wicket to Lewis, he gives himself space, keeps the shape and goes big over covers for a big one.
  • SIX! Short in length from Malin and Lewis pulls it for a maximum over the deep mid-wicket.
  • Shoaib Malik, right-arm off break, comes into the attack

  • After 2 overs,West Indies 11/0 ( Chris Gayle 1 , Evin Lewis 10)

    Mills comes in to bowl the second over and Gayle tries to go big on the first ball itself but missed it completely. Second balls comes back in to square him up. Mills has been able to beat Gayle on a number off occasions so far. It’s a maiden and this over was bowled to Gayle. How impressive was he? We leave it for you to decide

  • Tymal Mills, left-arm fast, comes to bowl the second over.

  • After 1 overs,West Indies 11/0 ( Chris Gayle 1 , Evin Lewis 10)

    Good start from McLenaghan as he bowls a perfect yorker to Gayle first up. Huge appeal but it was more for fun. But this is a good start from West Indies as Lewis has fetched 8 runs in boundaries. Runs galose this pitch it seems.

  • FOUR! On the legs and Lewis ficks the ball easily to the fine and fetches four more.
  • FOUR! Fullish from McLenaghan and Lewis swings his arm and gets a boundary through the covers.
  • Mitchell McLenaghan, left arm fast, to bowl the first over

  • Chris Gayle and Evin Lewis will open the innings for West Indies. You cannot miss this!

The players are out on the field, warming up and there is a friendly vibe all around.

World XI have won the toss and have opted to field

Afridi: Looks overcast, we’ll give them a chance (to bat). It’s wonderful for me to be part of the game for noble cause. All are keen and focussed to play this game. If you look at Windies, they are World Champions, it will be a good game. I’m carrying injury for last two months. After PSL, I didn’t bowl, didn’t bat.

Brathwaite: As players we have a big platform. Thanks to the guys for coming here. Some are here from the IPL. To be able to share our experiences and skill-sets at home of cricket for a worthy cause. Looking forward to the game.

World XI (Playing XI): Luke Ronchi(w), Tamim Iqbal, Sam Billings, Dinesh Karthik, Shoaib Malik, Shahid Afridi(c), Thisara Perera, Rashid Khan, Mitchell McClenaghan, Sandeep Lamichhane, Tymal Mills




Windies (Playing XI): Chris Gayle, Evin Lewis, Andre Fletcher, Marlon Samuels, Denesh Ramdin(w), Andre Russell, Carlos Brathwaite(c), Keemo Paul, Ashley Nurse, Samuel Badree, Kesrick William




Cricket’s credibility as a gentleman’s game has taken a major hit in recent times. So much so that that ICC’s cricket committee, in its recent meeting, decided to take immediate stock of the situation and advocated greater authority to match officials to improve player behaviour. In such an atmosphere of hostility, the Twenty20 International fixture between Windies and World XI on Thursday (May 31) at Lord’s, to be played for a worthy cause, is a much-needed antidote which’ll play a part towards the eradication of the bad blood that has taken the focus off the game itself, in addition to its original objective.

A galaxy of former and current stars will be in action at the iconic Lord’s on Thursday to play an exhibition match between the ICC World XI and the West Indies and help raise funds for the refurbishment of five cricket stadia in the Caribbean that were damaged by Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017.

Former Pakistan skipper Shahid Afridi has finally been named to lead the World XI after England’s limited overs captain Eoin Morgan sustained a broken finger during a domestic match.



World XI (From): Luke Ronchi, Tamim Iqbal, Shahid Afridi(c), Shoaib Malik, Sam Billings, Dinesh Karthik(w), Thisara Perera, Adil Rashid, Rashid Khan, Mitchell McClenaghan, Tymal Mills, Sandeep Lamichhane

Windies (From): Chris Gayle, Evin Lewis, Andre Fletcher, Rovman Powell, Marlon Samuels, Denesh Ramdin(w), Carlos Brathwaite(c), Samuel Badree, Ashley Nurse, Andre Russell, Rayad Emrit, Keemo Paul, Kesrick Williams

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