Hyderabad flyovers to turn green

Hyderabad flyovers to turn green

Hyderabad flyovers to turn green

Hyderabad: The GHMC plans to instal vertical gardens on flyovers and Metro Rail pillars. Eight flyovers have been identified, including those at Paradise circle, Greenlands, Nagarjuna circle, Panjagutta, Telugu Talli statue and Nalgonda crossroads.

About 40 pillars will have the vertical gardens on all four sides by July 15. “Suggestions to utilise the pillars for greenery have been coming from the people. In Delhi, this has been implemented in a couple of places while in countries like Mexico pillars are completely covered with vertical gardens,” said principal secretary Arvind Kumar of the municipal administration and urban development department.

He said the GHMC would instal lighting and paintings on 20 other pillars. To avoid the theft of plants, the GHMC will be putting up a frame and fixing the pots. CCTV cameras will also be installed. “White washing on most of the flyovers will be done by June 30 and in the following 10 days we’ll put up these gardens. The upper limit is July 15. In addition, we will be putting up creepers along with small fencing on other pillars,” he said.

On the Metro Rail pillars, L&T will use the sides visible from the road for advertising.  The GHMC will grow vertical gardens on pillars that the L&T doesn’t use. Mr Kumar said, “It is still work in progress, to see how it comes up on one side of the Metro Rail pillar.”

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