Hyderabad: Day care centres need more caution

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 Hyderabad: Day care centres need more caution

Hyderabad: The most common complaint in day care centres is of small children slipping on the floor and hitting a sharp object, according to trauma care experts in city hospitals. These two complaints are very commonly seen in children from the age of one to five years. There have also been cases of ingestion of chalk, clay and colours in a few cases.

Injuries are largely seen in younger children because of their vulnerability and inability to express themselves. Often small children when mixed with bigger children are difficult to handle and it becomes cause for concern.

Clinical evaluation has shown that younger children often end up in trauma care due to a small slip that could be avoided. This also means that care-givers have to be sensitive and there has to be segregation of big and small children which will ensure adequate care for the younger ones. For parents, it is very important to check whether the day care centre is registered and there is trained manpower to care for their children.

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