Here are 5 apps to organise last-minute vacation plans

Here are 5 apps to organise last-minute vacation plans

Here are 5 apps to organise last-minute vacation plans

Many of us dream to get away from our regular jobs and go off to see the world, but sometimes organizing the trip gets so difficult that we tend to drop the plans.

A lot of us also love to make plans at the last minute because long-term itinerary designing simply doesn’t work for us and well. what’s better than impromptu trips?

If you’re planning to embark on such an unplanned adventure this summer as well, here are 5 apps that can come to your rescue.

Just log on and let them help you figure out how to have the vacation of a lifetime.


Travkart specializes in customized fixed departures, offering both Air & Non – Air packages to the most alluring holiday destinations of the world. With a host of modern and unique features, Travkart promises to transform every travel experience into a celebration. Even within fixed departure schedules and itineraries, Travkart allows you the flexibility and choice to customize your tour by adding on destinations & optional tours, thus getting more for less.

Pack Point

A packing checklist is a useful tool, if somewhat time-consuming to compile — but what if someone could make that list for you? Input your destination and travel dates, and Pack Point will create a weather-specific packing list. The app will also ask what you plan on doing while you’re there, and make suggestions based on your answers — so that you don’t forget your gym shorts if you plan on running or your tie for an important business meeting.


AccuWeather is available in more than 100 different languages and provides minute by-minute forecasts that are hyper-localized. No more being caught out in a 20-minute downpour without being prepared for it in advance. You must download this app, especially if you haven’t had the time to do adequate research before planning g your trip!


If you’ve got to go when you’re on the go, this restroom-searching app could be for you. The SitOrSquat app is loaded with more than 100,000 public restrooms and can pinpoint the nearest to your location. Even better, the bathrooms come with a rating — “Sit” if it is clean, or “Squat” if it’s not. This app is probably just what you need when you’re making that impromptu road trip.


If you don’t fancy an organized tour, but still want to learn a little bit about the area, this audio app can help. Detour offers walking tours in a limited number of major cities, written and narrated by locals. Rather than taking you to the typical tourist stops, these tours give you a local’s view of the city.

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