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Located in the westernmost part of India, Gujarat is home to several architectural marvels and is famous for its vibrant way of life and wealthy heritage, aside from the scenic landscapes and mouth-watering cuisine. Offering a broad range of the most dazzling attractions, Gujarat, also recognised as ‘The Land of Legends’, presents a perfect mixture of art, history, song and way of life.

Being the sole domestic of the pure Asiatic Lions, Gujarat also offers exquisite perspectives of the scenic splendor ranging from the Great Rann of Kutch to the hills of Satpura. Apart from the picturesque landscapes and the more than 1600 kilometres lengthy coastline, Gujarat also offers its tourists with a few magnificent historic cave paintings, ancient murals, holy temples, historical capitals, flora and fauna sanctuaries, beaches, hill lodges and captivating handicrafts. Gujarat is a dry state but the cultural exuberance of the Gujratis will provide rejuvenate you.


A hastily developing metropolis, an industrial hub, an educational hotspot, and a city with a amazing past – Ahmedabad is one of the most important towns in Gujarat. Located on the banks of the Sabarmati River, Ahmedabad is the former capital of Gujarat, and its scrumptious food, colorful subculture is making it a fast-developing traveler destination. The historic metropolis of Ahmedabad or the old a part of the town became declared because the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Home to a plethora of top notch temples like Swaminarayan Temple, intriguing museums and trendy markets, with a little little bit of colonial history attached to it, Ahmedabad is an incredible instance of ways a town can still retain every little bit of its old-global charm at the same time as still swiftly progressing on the course of globalisation.

Ahmedabad is famous for its textiles and its tie-dye bandhani handloom technique, which makes it a exquisite place to shop. From bandhani sarees, dupattas to traditionally embroidered dress materials, and other neighborhood handicrafts.

Sabarmati Ashram, situated directly beside the Sabarmati river, is a quaint and non violent ashram built by using Mahatma Gandhi after he back from South Africa. To this date, Gandhiji’s dwelling quarters are preserved right here and is now used as a museum where site visitors can study all about his existence and his teachings. The infamous Dandi Salt March, which turned into a essential point in India’s independence struggle, originated from this ashram.

Sabarmati Ashram

Once the house of Mahatma Gandhi and his wife Kasturba, Sabarmati Ashram is the web page wherein Gandhiji started out the famous Dandi March from. Situated within the 5km north of Ahmedabad’s centre, it’s miles located at the tranquil and serene stretch of Sabarmati River.

Also known as the ‘Gandhi Ashram’, ‘Mahatma Gandhi Ashram’ and most importantly, ‘Satyagraha Ashram’, it is believed that Mahatma Gandhi selected this site for it’s miles placed among a prison and a cemetery and a Satyagrahi is likely to turn out to be in one of these. In gratitude of the full-size effect Dandi march had at the Indian independence movement, the Indian government has known the Sabarmati Ashram as a countrywide monument.

The Mahatma Gandhi Ashram has a numberof other establishments within its bounds.The maximum famous amongst them is the museum ‘Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalaya’ which has some of Gandhi’s non-public letters and images on display.

Swaminarayan Temple

Located inside the Kalupur vicinity of Ahmedabad, Shri Swaminarayan Temple (additionally known as Akshardham Temple) is a shrine devoted to Narayan Dev. This awesome temple was built inside the year 1822 at the instructions of Swaminarayan, who changed into the founder of the Swaminarayan sect of Hinduism. Embellished with vivid hues and problematic carvings, Swaminarayan temple is a marvellous example of the structure of the nineteenth century. Inside the sanctum, the deities are adorned with ostentatious ornamentations and beautiful fabrics. The temple attracts a million people at the day after Diwali for darshan.

The main complex of the temple is unfold over a giant region making the spectacle of the temple a marvellous sight to behold. This temple is also the headquarter of the Nar Narayan Gadi, which makes it an even more respected temple among believers. Beautifully carved out of Burma Teak wood, the complicated detailing within the carvings of this temple makes it an engineering masterpiece. The private artefacts of Swami Narayan are also preserved for safe retaining here. The temple is likewise quite well known for its morning ‘Aarti’ or prayer service, which is a mesmerising invocation to the divine.

The temple complicated additionally has a multi-storey guesthouse and a medical health center within its compound for the ease of the visitors. Reflecting the many colors of spirituality, the Swami Narayan Temple is an unadulterated experience of the divine.

Dada Hari Wav

Built by means of a lady of Sultan Begara’s harem in 1499AD, these step-wells have been made as a retreat at some stage in hot summers. Waiting to be full of rain water, regardless of what the weather is, it is constantly cooler in the Step-wells.

This ancient shape depicts the structure of the bygone era. At ground level, much may not be visible. But as one rises just a little (with the assist of stairs) there is all at once a deep cascade of steps plunging down numerous stories, complicated carvings reflecting inside the sunlight.


Virtually an island that resembles the form of a tortoise, Kutch is an erstwhile princely kingdom of India retaining onto its grandeur nature from the past.

Kutch might be one in every of the maximum beautiful, yet surreal locations in India. With the enormous expanses of white salt desert within the Rann of Kutch area, this is an superb revel in to witness. One could be capable of see simply stretches of pure white land as a ways because the eyesight goes. The vicinity involves life in the course of the winters whilst the Rann Festival is held throughout December-February everywhere in which there are large camp settlements with cultural programs, features and journey activities like hot-air ballooning. Kutch is likewise among the biggest district of India with a really low population density. Also, Kutch lies on the India-Pakistan border and you could see elements of Pakistan from Kutch. Kutch is likewise well-known for crafts and embroidery works, Flamingo Sanctuary and Wild Ass Sanctuary. Bhuj is an ideal starting point to visit the Rann of Kutch. Beautiful beaches of Mandvi near Bhuj are also totally well worth visiting in the course of your journey to Kutch. Don’t miss to see the historical metropolis of Dholavira.

Great Rann of Kutch

The Great Rann of Kutch, a massive location of salt marshland, is positioned in the District of Kutch, within the western kingdom of India, Gujarat. The sizeable expanse is situated inside the Thar Desert and is shaped of salt marshes which create a mesmerising view that attracts visitors from all over the world. Sunsets on the Great Rann of Kutch are a treat to the eyes after exploring the location. Watching the moon on a full moon night in the fascinating surroundings of the Great Rann of Kutch will make you experience like you are on a distinct planet altogether.

The area has been so well-known for its natural beauty that it turned into featured in numerous movies in India, for example – Refugee, Magadheera, Goliyon Ki Raasleela Raamleela, Sarainodu etc. It has additionally been stated in several books together with the Booker Prize-Winning Novel, Midnight’s Children, written with the aid of Salman Rushdie. The name, Great Rann of Kutch, was derived from the word “Rann” meaning wasteland in Hindi and the district it is positioned in. It is taken into consideration as one of the most important salt deserts in the entire world.

The area is divided into parts, the Great Rann of Kutch and Little Rann of Kutch and accommodates of huge deposits of salt inside the wasteland creating. These deposits are regarded for generating a mirage, and many pilgrims have shared stories about witnessing optical illusion that seem as precise as real. The beautiful Rann of Kutch is a huge flooded grassland zone in India, and has wasteland on one side and the Arabian Sea on the opposite that enables the surroundings thrive in the acute climatic situations of Kutch. The picturesque vicinity of the Great Rann of Kutch is inviting, and this attraction have to be included on each traveller’s bucket list this year.

Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary

Less than 100 km faraway from Bhuj, this sanctuary is spread over a place of approximately 7505.22 sq. Km. within the Kutch District of Gujarat. This flora and fauna sanctuary is considered as one of the biggest seasonal saline wetland areas.

It has a water intensity that levels between 0.five to 1.five m and preserves diverse species of flamingo birds. Also sight other species together with the more flamingo, Indian porcupine, spiny tailed lizard, black-necked storks, wild ass and Indian cormorant. The first-rate time to go to this sanctuary is for the duration of the months of winters. Also, mendacity near by, is the buried town Dholavira of Harappan civilization which changed into excavated here, which pulls hordes of archaeologists right here from all across the world. Some part of the sanctuary are constrained to civilians because of the Indo-Pak International border. This sanctuary is also famous for its flat snow white floor with full-size deposits of salt crystals and it provides a totally unique and delightful view.


One of the most amazing excavations of the Indus Valley Civilization, Dholavira was one of the maximum developed cities kind of 4500 years ago and makes an similarly enchanting visitor destination today

Archaeological and excavation web sites nearly define the tourism in Dholavira. One can visit this city in Gujarat for witnessing records’s share of architectural marvels and be flattered by one of the most sizeable and famous websites of the Indus Valley Civilization. An enjoy borrowed from history will attraction you as a lot as any other vacation spot with scenic beauty or present day attractions. One can also visit the Kutch Desert flora and fauna sanctuary whilst in Dholavira.

Mandvi Beach, Bhuj

Situated within the Kutch region of Gujarat, Mandvi Beach is a pristine and tranquil seashore which is considered one of the most popular vacation destinations inside the location. In addition to being a laidback beach location, Mandvi Beach is famous for its camping and water sports facilities.

Standing close to the Vijay Vilas palace property in Bhuj, Mandvi Beach is a secluded and undiscovered seashore destination with easy water and exquisite view. Take a long walk along the shore as you witness the solar placing over the horizon, or go for bird spotting and find out the splendor of Kutch via its fauna.

Another hobby to pursue right here is camel ride, which takes you on a round of the entire belongings as you bobble up and down in this majestic animal’s back, or exercise a few yoga to the music of the gentle sea. With its tranquil environment being it’s most desirable quality, Mandvi Beach makes for a captivating rendezvous with nature and its beauty.

Gir National Park

Gir National Park is the only final home for the Asiatic Lions that are nearly a definition to this park in Gujarat, which has lots extra to offer.

Gir affords you with the unique enjoy of visiting an area which almost singularly plays a important and defining role in the renovation and sustaining of a sure species. The preservation of those lions was initiated by way of the Nawab of Junagadh while these had been just about to enter the phase of extinction due to hunting. Official count stated that there had been 411 lions in 2010. Also, there are roughly specific 2375 species of fauna here with 38 species of mammals, over 300 species of birds, 37 species of reptiles and over 2000 species of insects.

Other essential wildlife forms located here are leopard, chausingha, noticed deer, hyena, sambar deer and chinkara.


The Somnath Jyotirlinga Temple is first of the twelve Jyotirlinga shrines of Lord Shiva. It is located on the western coast of Gujarat and is one of the oldest temples of the country. It has been referred to in ancient texts like Shreemad Bhagavat Gita, Skandpuran, Shivpuran and Rig-Veda which indicates the significance of this temple as one of the most celebrated pilgrimage sites. The temple is located on the historic Triveni Sangam or the confluence of 3 rivers – Kapila, Hiran, and Saraswati.

The temple is called an everlasting shrine as a result of its perseverance against the check of time. It has withstood numerous destructions in the past and still has no longer misplaced its beauty. It is stated that the temple turned into looted and destroyed as many as seventeen times with the aid of emperors like Mahmud Ghazni, Alauddin Khilji, and Aurangzeb.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel become the force at the back of the revival and reconstruction of the present-day temple in 1951 which still serves as a terrific edifice of the original Somnath Temple. It attracts thousands and thousands of devotees all during the year.

Triveni Sangam Temple

The confluence of the 3 rivers Hiran, Kapila and Saraswati that is the point wherein the rivers meet the strong Arabian Sea. Triveni Sangam is thought to be a completely sacred Moksha Tirtha for Hindus.

People agree with that a dip within the river at this holy ghat cleanses the frame and spirit of all sins dedicated in his life. The Laxminarayan and Gita Temple are placed on the seashores of the ghats.


Vadodara or Baroda is a cosmopolitan metropolis placed in Gujarat. Home to a number of the most exemplary presentations of architecture, Vadodara is a fitting memorial to Maratha chief Sayaji Rao Gaekwad III who had estimated a dream to make this Big City an educational, industrial and business centre.

Known for one of the most lavish palaces in India- the Lakshmi Vilas Palace and plenty more mythical monuments, Vadodara is the cultural capital of Gujarat. With a prominent part of it being occupied by using the Gujaratis, this area is the maximum sought after at some stage in the nine days of the Navratri competition. No town in India celebrates the festival of Navratri with as plenty zeal and exuberance as Vadodara does. It houses one of the most desirable universities of India- the Maharaja Sayajirao University.

Laxmi Vilas Palace

Laxmi Vilas Palace is certainly one of the maximum majestic systems in India and was the private house of Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III. Known to be the most important private dwelling of the size equivalent to four times of the Buckingham Palace, this surprising palace is a must-visit when in Vadodara.

The hanging Laxmi Vilas Palace turned into built in 1890 and took almost twelve years to complete. Sprawling across an area of about seven hundred acres, it’s miles still home to the royal own family of Vadodara, the Gaekwads. It is built within the Indo-Saracenic style which is a hybrid of the Hindu, Gothic and Mughal architectural paperwork with the presence of domes, minarets and arches.

The Laxmi Vilas Palace incorporates numerous different buildings within its complicated including the LVP Banquets and Conventions, Moti Baug Palace and the Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum building. The museum building was specifically constructed as a faculty for the Maharaja’s children. Today, it homes an splendid collection of paintings by means of Raja Ravi Verma and numerous other artefacts accumulated from everywhere in the world. An exceptional audio excursion with unfastened drink and snack are included in the ticket price.

Zarwani Waterfalls

If you’re a nature lover but have by no means been in an real flora and fauna putting such as the ones depicted in famous franchises like Tarzan or The Jungle Book and have also now not enjoyed your self amidst the distant hooting of birds, the serene waft of a waterfall at the side of the huge expanse of inexperienced canopy away from the noise of civilisation, then these waterfalls have to be your subsequent destination. At a distance of approximately ninety km from Varoda in Gujarat, Zarwani Waterfalls are amongst the maximum sought natural destinations in India.

Huddled deep in the heart of Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary close to the district of Narmada, the perennial and splendid Zarwani Waterfalls provide you an possibility to trek, picnic, and indulge in wildlife photography. So whether in the temper for a amusing journey in thick deciduous forests, a day’s well worth of picnic inside the lap of nature, or a clearly hazard to advantage a memorable enjoy, Zarwani Waterfalls is the correct web site for you.

Statue of Unity

Statue of Unity is a memorial to The Iron Man of India, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. The statue has been erected to propagate Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s vision of India and to encourage the Citizens of India via his patriotism and freedom struggle. The Bronze statue of the founder of the Republic of India stands 182 metres tall grabbing the eye of the entire world as the ‘Tallest statue within the World’. The statue of Unity is Located in Gujrat, by the banks of River Narmada on the River Island of Sadhu Bet overlooking the Narmada Dam (Sardar Sarovar Dam) from 3.2 km away.

The Statue of Unity will be properly connected thru expressways, improved rail system and helipads for the ease of visitors. The surrounding of the statue is proposed to be a haven for smooth Industries, Research centers and academic institutions to improve the economic integrity in and around the region.

About The Project
The monument compound is spread throughout 20,000 rectangular metres, surrounded by using a 12 km artificial lake. The challenge became done with the aid of a Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Rashtriya Ekta Trust (SVPRET) which was set up for this purpose. The magnanimous Statue is designed by the Indian Sculptor, Padma Bhushan awardee Ram Vanji Sutar. The creation of the final product turned into taken up by the Indian agency Larson & Toubro and the total undertaking became predicted to have value 3000 Crore INR (420 million USD).

The Iron wished for the undertaking became alleged to be gathered from the used farming gadget from farmers everywhere in the nation, who have been the most cared by way of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel. Due to a few problems, nearly 5000 tonnes of iron gathered became used for a different a part of the identical undertaking but not the statue. Along with the project in progress, SVPRET’s Statue of Unity Movement organised the Suraaj Petition which blanketed the thoughts for excellent governance by means of the humans and resulted in becoming the world’s biggest signed petition. These had been some of the different crucial functions of the venture.
Important Dates
The assignment was announced in 2010 by way of the Gujrat Government, and the foundation stone to the challenge became laid by means of the former Chief Minister of Gujrat and the existing Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi on 31 October 2013 on the 138th delivery anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. The creation of the Statue of Unity turned into finished on 22 October 2018. The Statue of Unity might be inaugurated on 31 October 2018, at the occasion of the 143rd Birth Anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

Started on: 31 October, 2013
Completed on: 22 October, 2018
Inaugurated on: 31 October, 2018
Highlights of the Statue
The monument compound is anticipated to get a 3-star resort Shrestha Bharat Bhavan which is meant to be a bridge between growing India and an environmentally conscious India. To increase beauty of the surroundings by way of a couple of folds, the ‘Statue of Unity’ might be observed via the ‘Valley of Flowers’ that’s to be innaugurated at the same day as that of the Statue. The Valley of Flowers is a fabricated from the INR 12 crore one of a kind grant. There will be a Museum, an Audio Visual hall to depict the lifestyles and struggles of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and a laser show at the Unification of India. The Monument might be offering Ferry services to reduce the visitors and results at the environment due to vehicular pollution. One of the primary sights of the Statue will be the viewing gallery incorporated into the statue that may be reached through a heavy load raise with a wide ranging view of the environment from an amazing height of almost four hundred feet.


Located at the western tip of the Saurashtra peninsula in Gujarat, Dwarka is popularly referred to as the “domestic of Lord Krishna”. The name Dwarka literally interprets to dwar meaning ‘door’ and ka meaning ‘moksha’ that means the ‘door to salvation. And so the aura of the spiritual city reverberates with religious holiness and chants of the devotees searching for moksha. Dwarka boasts of being the handiest metropolis that is part of both Char Dham (four predominant holy places) and also Sapta Puris (seven holy towns) stated within the Hindu religion.

For this reason, it enjoys a extraordinary religious significance and attracts hundreds of pilgrims all yr round. In addition to this, the town is replete with grandeur temples, marvellous structure and locations of cultural importance. The beachside and the seashores are an added visitor attraction. Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Temple, one of the 12 Jyotirlingas, is also positioned in Dwarka.

Legend has it that the metropolis turned into once engulfed through the sea and current excavations reveal that a town did exist right here. Dwarka can provide you the maximum non secular and holy bit of Gujarat. The temples here have a culture and significance as rich because the legends, mythology and ideals that surround them. They are also marvels and gems of structure as they’re of Hindu mythology. Your serene revel in from the temples and the religious spirit of the city will handiest be complimented be the seashores that metropolis has to provide.

Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Temple

One of the 12 famous self-existent temples, Nageshwara Jyotirlinga Temple too houses a curious myth about its origin. The giant, lovely and creative statue of Lord Shiva mesmerizes tourists and pilgrims alike with its aesthetic appeal.

Gandhinagar, the capital town of Gujarat, is located at a distance of around 23 km from Ahmedabad on the western bank of Sabarmati river. Gandhinagar, considered one of India’s few planned towns encompasses Akshardham Temple, one of the country’s maximum lovely temple.

Gandhinagar offers a rich cultural historical past, beautiful temples and serene surroundings to all its visitors. Among other sights are an captivating Children’s Park and uniquely built stepwell. The holy places in Gandhinagar like the Hanumanji Temple and the Brahmani Temple which in spite of not being so famous, also are really worth visiting for an enriching enjoy.The temple is the hub of festivities on the eve of Shivratri while devotees flip up in tremendous numbers.

Akshardham Temple

The Akshardham temple in Gandhinagar metropolis is one in all the biggest temples in India, and it’s far a major pilgrim vacation spot that many people swarm to. This temple is dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan and became constructed by using BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha, the same organisation as the only in Delhi. Located within the capital of Gujarat, the complicated took over thirteen years to build and become inaugurated on October 30th, 1992. Akshardham mandir is situated in the centre of the 23-acre complex, which is built from 6,000 metric tonnes of purple sandstone from Rajasthan.

Akshardham acts as a cultural centre and is a melting pot that can enthral vacationers from across the country. The temple seeks to spread the lessons and philosophies of Bhagwan Swaminarayan and is a centre of devotion, schooling and unification of the society as a whole. The temple consists of one massive monument and a surrounding lawn that households use as a picnic spot as nicely. Recently, they positioned up the primary-of-its-type laser water show within the world, that’s a must see. Facilities of wheelchairs, baggage, lost and found, parking, etc. also are available.

Puneet Van

Puneet Van actually interprets to ¥Holy forest’ in Gujarati, and this botanical garden has been cautiously named so. The peculiarity of this garden is that it houses over 3500 bushes and plant life, and they’re all selected and arranged according with Hindu mythology and astrological importance! The garden is divided into four astrological department and the flora are named after planets, stars and zodiacs.


Being included within the elite listing of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites throughout the globe, this marvellous archaeological park set within the coronary heart of the city of Champaner and amidst the Pavagadh hills is one of the maximum sought after places in Gujarat.

Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park holds a lot of historical in addition to mythological significance in itself. The Park contains of umpteen variety of amazing architectural wonders consisting of both Hindu & Islamic sorts of design. Another exciting piece of trivia concerning this place is that the hill of Pavagadh is thought to be a piece of the Himalayas that changed into firstly carried by way of Hanuman to Lanka within the Ramayana epic. With such wealthy records to its call, this makes up for a in reality intriguing region to go to.


The birth vicinity of Mahatma Gandhi, Porbandar is a beautiful beach town with a few temples and dams, and is now additionally a famous trading hub.

The coastal metropolis with a vast occasion in its records is a traveller vacation spot which modestly offers some of points of interest. Apart from the haveli where Gandhiji changed into born which has now been transformed right into a temple, there are a few greater temples, dams, reservoirs, serene beaches and flora and fauna spots as well to feature to your experience in Porbandar. It draws pilgrims with temples including the Sudama Mandir, Bharat Mandir, Ram Dhoon Mandir, Hanuman temple and more.

Kirti Mandir, Porbandar

Kirti Mandir, a pleasant and bright area of appreciate, became constructed within the honour of Mahatma Gandhi and his spouse Kasturba Gandhi in Porbandar inside the Indian State of Gujarat. The ancestral residence of Mahatma Gandhi is positioned right beside the temple. Visitors can enter the ancestral home from the temple. Walking thru its corridors and witnessing the daylight coming via the teal coloured window frames is a mesmerising revel in. The age-vintage Oil artwork of both Mahatma and Kasturba Gandhi and black and white images engaged in activities, discussions or even sharing a mild second have enticed and drawn many history buffs from all over the world.

The temple became built to mark the release of Mahatma Gandhi in 1944. The 73-yr-vintage structure stands strong adorning the National Flag and the symptoms of the times gone by using before and after India’s Independence. The significance of this ancient temple is such that even today political figures from all around the world often come to pay recognize to the father of the country, Mahatma Gandhi. It’s here that one can discover peace within the middle of a bustling town and get a experience of Bapu’s motto of truth, simplicity and non-violence.

As you explore the site, you’ll notice how easy and minimalistic Bapu’s mind and life-style were and but how he lived a satisfied and satisfying life. Bapu continually promoted his state and encouraged all of the Indians to be happy with their native land and strive in the direction of being reputable with out being violent. He become a man of honour, and he constantly practised what he preached. One has to visit the temple to learn and maybe even revel in the philosophies of Mahatma Gandhi and his committed wife, Kasturba Gandhi.


A desert town with long history of kings and empires make Bhuj one of the most thrilling and particular historical places to see.

The metropolis has a lengthy history of kings and empires – and therefore many historic locations to see. The city became left in a nation of devastation after the 2001 earthquake and is still within the recovery phase. Bhuj connects you to a number civilizations and vital activities in South Asian history via prehistoric archaeological finds, remnants of the Indus Valley Civilization (Harappan), places associated with the Mahabharata and Alexander the Great’s march into India and tombs, palaces and different homes from the rule of the Naga chiefs, the Jadeja Rajputs, the Gujarat Sultans and the British Raj. . The vibrant and dynamic history of the region offers the location a mix of ethnic cultures. In a walk around Bhuj, you can see the Hall of Mirrors on the Aina Mahal; climb the bell tower of the Prag Mahal subsequent door; stroll through the produce market; have a famous Kutchi pau bhaji for lunch; observe the 2000-12 months-old Kshatrapa inscriptions within the Kutch Museum; appreciate the sculptures of Ramayana characters at the Ramakund stepwell; walk round Hamirsar Lake and watch youngsters jumping into it from the lake partitions as the recent afternoon sun subsides; and capture the sunset among the chhatardis of the Kutchi royal circle of relatives in a peaceful field out of doors the center of city.

Aina Mahal

The Aaina Mahal palace, or ‘Hall of Mirrors’ become built throughout the flamboyant rule of Lakhpatji within the middle of the 18th century. The responsibility of engineering, architecture and embellishment changed into entitled to Ram Singh Malam – a genius of an artist who took his schooling in Europe for 17 years however got here again to India in search of call and fame. He changed into requested by way of the king to create this palace of desires for him, and as a result the Aina Mahal came into existence. However, what once stood proudly with glittering glasses, vintage clocks and unusual tile works, was shaken and dishevelled in the 2001 earthquake that hit Bhuj. The loss turned into tragic, but it has now been recovered and renovated for humans to go to appropriately again. The Aina Mahal is on the northeast nook of Hamirsar lake, effortlessly walkable from maximum of Bhuj. Be positive to discover the rest of the compound outside the palace, with its stunning carved doorways, tricky window containers and balconies.

Inside, Aina Mahal is now a vivid collection of art and archaic portions that is a treasure trove for all and sundry remotely interested in the records or artwork or each. The Hall of Mirrors in the palace is the main attraction for the visitors. This is where it has got the maximum number of glass reveals, on the partitions, ceilings, pillars or even windows, adding to the general attraction of the glittering room.

Other than that, you can visit the Museum which homes royal possessions and weapons, local crafts and international art work; and the Darbar Hall with the extraordinary ivory throne in it. All the furnishing and embellishments of the Aina Mahal are domestically made below Malam’s supervision however are inspired with the aid of worldwide patterns. The possession of Aina Mahal might not have a top notch historical significance or a very massive name attached to it, however it certain is a one-of-a-kind palace enriched with the quality of artistic styles and designs.


Surat, having its call related to Saurashtra (the coolest land), is a port town in Gujarat. The 2nd most populated town in the state, Surat is a global diamond slicing centre and a business hub of textiles. Known as ‘the metropolis of flyovers’, it draws vacationers who are interested in the colonial records of the region and the special natural world.
Packed on the south financial institution of a sharp bend inside the Tapi River (Tapti), Surat is positioned 306 km south of the state capital, Gandhinagar. Once regarded for silk-weaving, it emerged as a main fabric and diamond hub of India, with the stores within the New Textile Market region regularly crowded with consumers and shoppers. Prominent tourist sights in Surat are the Surat Castle, Science Centre Complex and the Diamond Gallery among others.

Having the recognition of being mild-hearted, easy-going, and a laugh-loving, with a ardour for food, Surat is an absolutely first-rate region for a family vacation.

Dutch Garden

Located in the Nanpura neighborhood in Surat, The Dutch Garden is a main attraction on the town that’s an oasis of greenery amidst the chaos and cacophony of the metropolis. Flocked by means of hundreds of tourists on an ordinary basis, the garden has been designed in a European fashion and boasts of nicely manicured gardens, vibrant flower beds, glowing fountains and sizable sprawling grassy carpeted lawns. Besides imparting the much wished respite and comfort to loosen up and rejuvenate amidst bounteous natural beauty, the garden is likewise flanked via River Tapi on one side which provides to the overall environment of the place.

The lawn is likewise the resting region of some Dutch and English explorers and wanderers who visited and settled in Gujarat. Among the several enforcing structures, the most superb one is that of Baron Adrian Van Reed with a massive mausoleum. He is understood for building the primary Dutch port for buying and selling in Surat. These cemeteries additionally upload to the beauty of the region and make it one of the top visitor sights of the area.

Sardar Patel Museum

The Sardar Patel Museum changed into established inside the city of Surat in the yr 1890 and has considering that then has been highly endorsed via the people, retaining a famous position a few of the Surat traveller attractions.

The museum is a multi purpose museum that stays open on all days of the week barring Mondays.


Well regarded for its historic significance, Dandi in Surat is a beautiful beach vacation spot. The scenic splendor blended with its wealthy history make it a fave among all vacationers touring this location. The serene and pristine beauty of Dandi is best second to its lengthy and illustrious records. The sand in this beach is as a ways because the eyes can see and stands at a beautiful assessment against the sapphire sky. You can sit down lower back and loosen up within the lap of nature, or explore the landscape and deliver your inner historian a few meals for thought. The Dandi beach is good for a quiet weekend getaway, and is a should-visit while in Surat!

Science Centre, Surat

Set amidst the bustling city of Surat, a rapidly developing economy, the Science Centre does a tremendous deal in glorifying the explosive growth of the metropolis. From housing thematic galleries that show a wide variety of touching diverse factions of the world- Space, Cosmos, Polar, Textile, Diamond, etc. To a state of the artwork three-D amphitheatre that almost teleports you to a distinctive dimension, the Science Centre of Surat has it all. They have a ‘Fun Science Gallery’ in which over 50 famous have been displayed that provide a a laugh twist to the diverse standards of technological know-how. Many of these reveals permit visitor participation in proving the theories by live experimentation.

The Science Centre is also prepared with a completely useful and undoubtedly first-rate planetarium. Here, you can truely teleport yourself to the stars, moons and planets of the universe and bring the astronaut in you to life. The Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Museum is part of the Science Centre, and it does a terrific process at maintaining and exalting the cultural heritage of our country. All these top-notch services and contemporary centers make the Science Centre one of the maximum famous and often visited attractions for children and adults alike. Be positive to check out all of the sights inside the Science Centre to be blown away via what technology can do.


Rani Ka Vav, the present day Indian entrant to the listing of UNESCO World Heritage Site is located right here, making Patan one of the newest visitor hubs in India. Patan is a treasure trove of architectural gemstones and historic temples that has a records dating returned to the medieval period.

As the royal entrance gates open into a metropolis comfortably dwelling within the large walls that surround it, you’ll be welcomed via the historical yet young and warm city of Patan. Having been the capital of the country for as many as 650 years in the medieval period, Patan and its human beings have a completely positive approach towards mastering and growth.

This is wherein numerous important political decisions were taken inside the past, a number of furious battles had been fought. This town has seen it all, the beauty it is, it smiles at its visitors and welcomes them so warmly that it feels like home. Patan has a number of ancient price and has been part of the research of archaeologists within the past.

Just as it has temples, it also has Dargah and Jain temples. Patan is a non secular city and believes within the electricity of the almighty, it strongly believes that it’s far their Kuldevi and her presence that has stored the metropolis intact and its people happy and growing

Rani ki Vav

Rani Ki Vav or ‘Queen’s Stepwell’ is a distinctive form of water storage device placed in the small city of Gujarat called Patan, on the banks of River Saraswati. Believed to be the grandest stepwell inside the country of Gujarat, Rani ka Vav epitomises the peak of Maru-Gujarat architectural style.

The specific stepwell was created from 1063 to 1068 AD in Chalukya Dynasty as a memorial of Bhimdev Solanki by way of his widowed Queen Udaymati. It is designed within the form of an inverted temple, divided into seven levels, highlighting the sanctity of water. Apart from being a water storage system, Rani Ki Vav is also known for its intricately carved sculptures on pillars that numbers around 8 hundred based on the subject matter of Lord Vishnu.

The 900-12 months-old shape listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site is displayed prominently within the new ₹ 100 foreign money note issued via the Reserve Bank of India.


Located within the western vicinity of the country, Rajkot is the fourth-biggest metropolis in the Indian country of Gujarat. A commercial metropolis with now not many sightseeing options, Rajkot should be visited for its sweets, traditional snacks, Navratri celebrations, handicrafts (silverwork, patola weaving, bandhani) and its maze of slim alleys with wonderful cultural character. Located halfway among Ahmedabad and Porbandar, Rajkot is perfect for a one-day trip.

Rajkot changed into shaped in 1612 by means of the Jadeja Rajput Clan who ruled over the place till India’s independence in 1947. Located at the banks of the Aji River, Rajkot is maximum famously called the region where Mahatma Gandhi pursued his early education.

One of the cleanest towns in India, the essential attractions in Rajkot include Jubilee Garden, Lang Library, Watson Museum, Kaba Gandhi No Delo. This reason, along with it being the former capital of put up Independence state of Saurashtra, manages to draw a most range of travelers and historians who are deeply inquisitive about India’s past. It was also the executive centre for Western Indian State Agency of British in India administering Kaccha, Saurashtra and northern parts of Gujarat. When in Rajkot, do now not leave out out on the delicious Gujarati food!

Khambhalida Caves

Khambhalida Caves, additionally known as Rajkot Caves, are a hard and fast of 3 Buddhist caves. They are located close to the Gondal metropolis within the Rajkot district of Gujarat. They had been discovered within the year 1958 through a renowned archaeologist, P.P. Pandya. Out of the 3 caves, the centre cave is called chaitya and is a wiped out stupa. Two sentinel statues (the left one being the stone of Bodhisattva and the proper one being that of Vajrapani) additionally stand shield atop a close-by cliff face which seems down on a hound of Buddhist Caves which date lower back to the 4th century AD. These caves date returned to the 4th century AD and are believed to be the oldest caves in Rajkot and a true architectural wonder. The Khambhalida Caves are being maintained through the Archaeology Department of Gujarat. The caves have been reduce out of limestone rocks.


Keeping up the delicate balance between the quality golden-brown sand of Gujarat’s richest barren region on one hand, and the lush green of the Gir Forest at the other – Girnar – a set of mountains within the Junagadh district of Gujarat are a haven for thrill seekers and spiritual devotees alike due to their capacity to be both – a hub for spiritual pastime and also a retreat for trekkers, because of the hills that lead up to notable views.

An crucial pilgrimage site, Girnar hills are flocked each day with the aid of many devotees. While the summit of the Datar Peak is held sacred via each Hindus and Muslims, temples like the Neminath temple and the Meravasi temple are sacred to the Jain community. Another important spotlight of this region is the Girnar Parikrama Festival and the Bhavnath Fair between the months of January and February every year – while Hindu and Jain devotees, gather right here in large numbers.

Many small wonders of ancient significance can be found right here, for instance: Ashoka’s Major Rock Edicts and the Junagarh rock inscription of Rudradaman, from many centuries ago. Being the highest point of Gujarat – Mt. Girnar stands at 1,031 metres (or 3,383 ft) and is symbolic of the rich history and history of the land. It is also of most important importance and so is its base that’s called the Girnar Taleti, that’s just four kms east of the centre of Junagadh.

Sardar Sarovar Dam

Located close to Navagam in Gujarat, Sardar Sarovar Dam is a large gravity dam constructed on the River Narmada which turned into constructed to preserve water and assist the environment and the humans around. The foundation of the challenge was laid down through Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in 1961 and the construction paintings for the same changed into began in 1979. Today, this dam helps offer ingesting water to the neighbouring villages and also facilitates with irrigation, and hydro-power for all of Gujarat.

Over the years, the height of the dam has been accelerated several times to extract most potential. Besides, the natural splendor at the spot- the gushing water of the river and lugh greenery of the littered trees, make it one of the most popular traveler spots within the town. People typically come right here to have fun picnics and to relax and rejuvenate amidst bounteous nature and peaceful ambiance. There are also some temples at the spot which also draw quite a few vacationers and devotees.

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