Google’s ‘truck art’ Doodle on Independence Day

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Google is celebrating India’s 72nd Independence Day with a Doodle dedicated to ‘truck art’– common motifs seen on vehicles on Indian roads.

The Doodle, Google writes, was inspired by “Indian truck art, a long-standing tradition in this four million square kilometre nation where truckers who live on the road surround themselves with cheerful folk art to occupy their minds during long months away from their families”.

It’s designed with icons typically seen in this art form, and closely associated with ‘Indian-ness.’ Tiger- the national animal, peacock- the national bird, and lotus- the national flower are all jostling for place with elephant, among the most common wild animal in Indian forests, and mango, the fruit that dominates Indian summers. The lemon-and-chilli combo strung together in a thread, commonly seen in merchant establishments, is not left out either.


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