Eating A Pizza: These Secret Hacks Will Make Your Pizzas Taste A Lot Better!

Eating A Pizza: These Secret Hacks Will Make Your Pizzas Taste A Lot Better!

Eating A Pizza: These Secret Hacks Will Make Your Pizzas Taste A Lot Better!
The cheesy dish has many nuances to it- the toppings, the sauce, the kinds of cheeses and of course the thickness of the crust. Whether you like your pizza with a thin or a thick crust, or with or without pineapple topping (yuck!), there are some things that can enhance your pizza-eating experience.

Pizza is a comfort food that many of us connect with laidback days. The fast food from Italy has become a favourite of people around the world. If it wasn’t for the red flags put by health and nutrition experts, many of us would happily spend a lifetime eating just pizzas. Even today, there’s a very large majority of Americans who live off pizza and coke. We definitely wouldn’t recommend the same to anyone, but the occasional indulgence in a well-made pizza won’t hurt.

Here are 4 things which can make your pizzas a lot better to eat:

1. Learn How To Pair Pizza With The Right Alcohol

Pairing your pizza with the right kind of alcoholic drink can work wonders for its taste. For example, you can enjoy a barbeque chicken pizza with regular coke, but a stout beer makes for a better pairing. Similarly, pepperoni pizzas go very well with sparkling red wines. For cheese-lovers, a four-cheese pizza goes amazingly well with a pale or blond lager.

2. Use This Trick To Cut Tons Of Calories

 Blotting your pizza with a paper napkin does in fact cut down tons of calories from the meal, and there’s a study to back this fact. These aren’t minimal amount of calories that you’re reducing either- just blotting your pizza might make it lighter by 20 to 50 calories per piece!

3. Use This Trick To Re-Heat The Pizza

Leftover pizza tastes great, but if you’re someone who likes them fresh, here’s a trick you might want to learn. You can revive a day-old pizza with just a little water and a microwave. Fill a ceramic mug with about two-third of water. Place your pizza on a plate and place it atop the mug. Put the assembly in the microwave and set the timer. Your pizza will come out as good as new!

4. Learn The Right Way To Eat It

The right way to eat a pizza is to place your finger in the middle of the broad end and use the rest of your fingers to fold it in a way that all the toppings are folded inwards. This prevents the toppings and the melted cheese from falling off your slice.

So now you know! Pizzas are just perfect as they are. These tricks are just very small ways to ensure your date with this cheesy delicacy goes without a hitch!

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