Don’t adjourn Houses, former MP Nariman tells RS chairman, LS Speaker

NEW DELHI: Presiding officers of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha should refrain from adjourning the Houses, if only to frustrate disruptive MPs, former Rajya Sabha MP and constitutional lawyer Fali S Nariman told a gathering of first time Rajya Sabha MPs on Sunday.

Addressing the concluding session of an orientation programme for first time MPs, Nariman expressed concern over the persistent disruptions in state legislatures as well as Parliament and urged Chairman of Rajya Sabha and Speaker of Lok Sabha to not adjourn the Houses despite worst provocations to do so.

Speaking on “Ethics in Politics and Do’s and Don’ts for MPs”, Fariman stressed that the presiding officers should remain cool and remain steadfast in the chair despite MPs rushing into the well of the House and disrupting the proceedings as nothing else seems to be working.

He said, “The first thing that one acquires on becoming an MP is the prefix of honourable, which cannot be shed during the whole tenure despite the conduct being to the contrary. MPs should try to live up to that honour both during the membership and after.”

Nariman also urged MPs to be conscious of being “privileged” Members of Parliament and to develop a proper ‘work ethic’ to do justice to the people and the institution of Parliament. Voicing concern over politics beginning to be devoid of ethics, Nariman also invoked veteran leaders LK Advani, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Somnath Chatterjee as shining examples of individuals who practised “ethical politics.”

Nariman also cited his own example and said he gave up his legal practise to focus on his parliamentary responsibilities when he realised he was not doing justice to being an MP and a lawyer simultaneously.

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