Congress spells out PM’s ‘real’ Opposition after Modi dismisses Grand Alliance

Congress spells out PM’s ‘real’ Opposition after Modi dismisses Grand Alliance

NEW DELHI: Congress is certainly not pleased with the Prime Minister’s dismissal of Grand Alliance, which the latter described as a coalition of parties driven by an agenda to remove Narendra Modi.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in an interview to an online media portal, had said that the Grand Alliance, a coalition of anti-BJP parties, is a “grand race” by his rivals to remove him.

Today, Congress spokesperson Randeep S Surjewala said that the PM’s statement is only partially correct as he listed details of the “actual” opposition.

Surjewala tweeted: “Let me remind you who your actual opposition is…

1) They are crores of farmers who were betrayed by you on prices of crop.

2) They are dalit who were subjected to atrocities under your rule.

3) They are women and children who feel unsafe

4) They are the youth who are facing the wrath of unemployment

5) They are small and medium businessmen whose lives have been destroyed by GST and demonetization.

6) They are the people living in border areas with Pakistan who have been forced to leave their homes due to cross-border firing

7) They are the senior leaders of BJP, ‘margdarshak mandal’, who formed the foundation of BJP and who were uprooted by you.

Every section of India is standing against your arrogance and they are your real opposition.”


During the interview, the Prime Minister had also defended the accusations of rising unemployment under his government’s rule. “The issue of lack of data on jobs, rather than lack of jobs,” the Prime Minister said.

The Congress was quick to counter the Prime Minister’s claim by reminding him that it was his government which had discontinued a survey of unemployment, which was started by the UPA government in 2010.

Quoting a couplet from Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib, Congress spokesperson Shakeel Ahmed said – “After stopping the survey of unemployment started by UPA in 2010, PM Modi says, jobs not lacking, issue is lack of data on jobs.” Ahmed also tagged an earlier tweet where he had pointed that Modi government has stopped a survey which could have given an idea of unemployment in the country.




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