Biggest Deserts in the World

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Biggest Deserts in the World
Biggest Deserts in the World

Sahara Desert, North Africa – 3.5 sq million miles

Sahara Desert, North Africa
Sahara Desert, North Africa

Australian Desert, Australia- 1.47 sq million miles

Australian Desert
Australian Desert, Australia

Arabian Desert, Southwest Asia -0.5 sq million miles

Arabian Desert
Arabian Desert, Southwest Asia

Gobi Desert, Central Asia -0.4 sq million miles

Gobi Desert
Gobi Desert, Central Asia

Kalahari Desert, Southern Africa -0.2 sq million miles

Kalahari Desert
Kalahari Desert, Southern Africa

Turkestan Desert, Central Asia – 0.174 sq million miles

Turkestan Desert
Turkestan Desert, Central Asia

Taklamakan Desert, China -0.125 sq million miles

Taklamakan Desert
Taklamakan Desert, China

Namib Desert, Southwest Africa -0.120 sq miles

Namib Desert
Namib Desert, Southwest Africa

Sommoran Desert, US/Mexico – 0.120 sq miles

Sommoran Desert
Sommoran Desert, US/Mexico

Thar Desert, India- 0.1 sq million miles

Thar Desert
Thar Desert, India

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