Best Sexology Doctor in Jaipur for Private Consultation on Penis Enlargement Surgery

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Dr Chirag Bhandari is the best sexology doctor in Jaipur for Penile Enlargement Surgery. Visit the Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health (IASH) for the best Penile Enlargement Treatment in Jaipur, Rajasthan at the affordable cost. 

A news article in Times of India stated a statistic where they said the average size of the penis in India is under 4-6 inch bracket. They usually prescribe surgery to men falling below this size. 

Is size important?

The size of the penis can affect the relationship. 

Sexuality, Sexual behaviour, are some whispered words in the conservative mindset of Indians. Ironically, the origin place of Kamasutra, India is not so open to talk about sexual problems.  One such topic is the size of the penis. The man suffering from a smaller size of the penis is not able to candidly talk about it. Many men don’t even acknowledge it. For this unawareness or negligence, the intimate relationship between couples gets hampered, which ultimately leads to separation or dissatisfaction.

Some progressive mindset like Dr Chirag Bhandari took the initiative to educate the people about sexual dysfunction and its treatment. He is one of the best sexologists in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Jaipur is gradually being progressive both in infrastructure and mindset. The people here are now more open to topics like sexual wellness and are keen on cultivating good sexual behaviour to keep the relationship intact. But there are few who are still shy to talk about their sexual problems.

For them, Dr Chirag Bhandari, the andrologist founder of IASH, gives private consultation both online and personally. He is the best sexology doctor who does Penis enlargement surgery with a high success rate. The penis enlargement surgery cost is variable depending on the patient’s history.

What Happens in Penis Enlargement Treatment 

As stated earlier, the average height of the man’s penis is variable in between 4 to 5 inches. During intercourse, when the male is completely aroused the length stretches itself up to 6 inches. But there are some men whose penis size doesn’t match the standard length. It stresses such men and even makes them feel humiliated and insecure.

The surgical procedure to increase the size of the penis and providing altered shape to the penis is called penis enlargement. 

What are the reasons for the smaller size of the penis?

It is a popular notion that sexual health diminishes with growing age and similar is with the size of a man’s penis. However, there are many factors that might affect the proper functioning of the penis. One such factor is being old when the body becomes weak, and the agility of the body parts like the penis also decreases.  Another common factor is excessive weight gain, which ignites many health problems. These problems sometimes lead to hormonal imbalances, making the penis diminish in size. If anyone has undergone any prostrate surgery, then the aftereffects of treatment again cause hormonal imbalance affecting the size of the penis. 

The man suffering from Peyronie’s disease has a disfigured penis, which can look smaller. 

To your surprise, even smoking can be the reason, affecting the performance of the man penile glands.

How Penis Enlargement Will Benefit You?

Penis enlargement (penis enlargement) surgery has many advantages. To name the few, you can have 

1. The perfect size of Penis  – The big favour of this surgery is to give the proper length to the penis. In this state, it also protects the man from many other sexual health problems.

2. Enhanced confidence – Through penis enlargement surgery, the man regains his lost confidence also builds up to perform better.

3. Happy and satisfied married life- When the length of a man’s penis enlarges, he can maintain extreme pleasure with his spouse. This can be the key to a happy and satisfied married life.

4. Healthy living Since sex is the most important part of life, it keeps many other vital organs intact. An active sexual life keeps the performance of the organ at its best and helps in living a fit and healthy life.

Penis Enlargement Treatments

There are many treatments that are considered to help increase the size of Penis.  People might take the medicine that might help to increase the tissue or may adopt Ayurveda treatment. There is a good deal of oil on supermarket shelves that persuade many naïve minds to get trapped. There is no home remedy to cure any defect in the body. The best way to treat it with surgery. 

Dr Chirag Bhandari provides private consultation to patients suffering from penile size dissatisfaction. He calmly listens to their problem and then prescribes medicine or treatment. Patients feel safe and comfortable talking to the doctor privately and come out with their pain in a most natural way.

If you are looking for Penile Enlargement Surgery in Jaipur, then you should visit the Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health(IASH. They provide utmost privacy and can GET THE PRIVATE CONSULTATION for the Penile Enlargement Treatment in Jaipur at a competitive cost.

You can also book the appointment for online consultation if you live in some other city or country.

Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost

Some people find penis enlargement surgery to be a costly affair and they avoid it, Where they think they are saving money they are jeopardising their health. The surgery cost may vary from 2.2 lakhs to 6 lakh depending upon the patient’s medical history and services included in the package.

Are there any Penis Enlargement Surgery Side Effects?

Some have observed muscle ache, mild abdominal pain, a slight change in BP, and frequent urge to pee. These problems have been with those who did not follow the precautions and safety measures after the Penis enlargement surgery. If people follow the guidelines prescribed by the surgeon and follow strict and healthy diets, then the surgery will only bring the thrill to life, no side effects.

Conclusion: As we all know that every person has that deep dark secret in his life, which is very tough to talk or reveal to someone. Smaller penis size or curved penis are some physical problems which can be cured with surgery or medicine. So pull up your guts and book an appointment with Jaipur best penile Enlargement surgeon. He has his ears for your problem and acumen to cure it.   

When no home remedies, gel-cream helps in increasing the size of the penis, the Best doctor in Jaipur resort to penis enlargement surgery. 

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