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Schools are a place where the seed of education is grown in children. A school is a home away from home. With this belief, VSI International School in Jaipur continues to spread the power of education to its students. It is a co-ed and English Medium School in Jaipur. The education is parallel to the growth of children into a self-motivated, disciplined and independent individual. VSI International Sr. Sec. School fosters these values in their students. Its teachers focus on practical learning and application of concepts with modern learning tools. The teachers play a key role in instilling social values and the importance of mental and physical health in children. Teamwork and communication skills are other qualities promoted at VSI International School in Jaipur.

However, the responsibility of parents starts with selecting the right school for their children.

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Tips for parents on how to choose a school in Jaipur for children

Step 1- Consider your child’s needs.

Children step out of their comfort zones when they go to a new school, be it for the first time for a kindergarten kid or a developed child transitioning to a new area and school. They need an environment where they can try to fit it and find something similar and welcoming. 

Step 2- Research the schools in Jaipur.

Get details about the environment, location, curriculum, infrastructure and facilities, extra-curricular activities, fees, transportation, safety measures, academic results of the schools in Jaipur. Digital classes and facilities are also important in today’s advancing world. Pick out the schools you like for your child’s schooling. 

Step 3- Talk to the parents and students. 

If possible, find students who study in the schools you like, talk with them and their parents. You can get a clearer picture of the school environment and the teachers. 

Step 4- Visit the school.

Visit the school if possible to see for yourself if the school matches your expectations. Evaluate if the school meets all the requirements for your child.

At VSI International School in Jaipur, you can be sure that your child is under the best care. The students are a part of a friendly atmosphere filled with opportunities to learn and grow. 

Online Classes in Schools in Jaipur 

With the change in trends and technology, school education has moved out of the confines of classrooms. The concept of online classes is no more restricted to high-level or distance learning courses for senior school students and college students by some institute. Primary level school students are also a part of the online class audience. 

VSI International English Medium School believes online classes are now important for students of all levels. Online classrooms enhance the concentration capabilities of students. It saves time in travelling, and students get a more comfortable environment at home. It prepares the students for future changes and professional industry. Students who are slow learners can keep pace with lessons by re-attending the recorded classes in free time.

“The most important part of education is to imbibe among the students the spirit of- we can do it.” – Abdul Kalam

VSI International School- Best School in Jaipur for Online Classes

One of the best English medium schools in Jaipur for online classes is VSI International School. Online classes at VSI International Sr. Sec. School in Jaipur facilitates the following features:

  • Teachers combine various learning tools and media in online classes.
  • The online learning material provided to students can be accessed 24/7.
  • The video lectures and conference calls with teachers are recorded for future references of students.
  • The teachers arrange well-planned lessons and schedule for the comfort of students and parents.
  • They invest time in creating interactive content and planning engaging activities for students, which enables them to learn with practical exercises even in online classes.
  • Teachers create a virtual classroom environment for better concentration of students.

Why choose VSI International School?

VSI International Sr. Sec. School in Jaipur is the best choice for your children. Here are the top reasons that make VSI International School an ideal place for your children to learn and develop.

  1. Smart and digital classes are part of the subject courses. The school is well-equipped with advanced technology infrastructure required to organize such classes.
  2. VSI International Sr. Sec. School is an English Medium School. The teachers not only focus on the academic syllabus for the English language but also help students inculcate and improve their listening and speaking skills in English. Regular activities and spoken English classes are organized for students at the school. 
  3. Laboratories are stocked with all necessary learning material and tools in sufficient quantity for individual learning of students. 
  4. Activities, workshops, programs are frequently planned for students. 
  5. All security measures are implemented. CCTVs are installed for 24/7 surveillance across the campus. The recordings are monitored for quick action.  

For more information about VSI International School in Jaipur, contact here:

Tel: 0141-2793080

Mob: 9309305656

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