A Complete Guide for The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering or Gate 2021

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A Complete Guide for The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering or Gate 2021

How to Prepare for GATE 2021? When you take the famous GATE 2021 this is actually your current state of mind. Each year, lakhs of engineering aspirants go the extra mile to crack the difficult Technology Graduate Aptitude Test (GATE). It’s a famous entrance exam and a great opportunity for students in some of the best engineering colleges to undertake postgraduate courses. It’s also a path to find lucrative PSU employment for the graduates. Every year, lakhs of engineering aspirants compete for the GATE exam, therefore, it becomes very important for candidates to start their preparation early to stay ahead in the race. 

GATE is a highly challenging entry test, applicants require adequate instruction to train for it. We have some of the best GATE 2021 planning tips which you can use in your first attempt to apply for GATE.

5 Easy Steps to Crack GATE in Your First Attempt While also Aiming to Rank 1

Yeah, it is also possible to crack GATE 2021 entry inspection in 5 simple steps given below in a condensed form for the GATE 2021 aspirants:

Phase 1: Create a research schedule to monitor your preparations for GATE

After going through the GATE syllabus it is a good idea to continue your GATE planning by having a proper study schedule. Healthy timetable for study:

  • Enables you to maintain a consistent track of everyday, weekly , and monthly activities.
  • Helps you keep track of progress.
  • Keeps you well coordinated and centered.
  • Gives you a sense of direction to achieve the goals and objectives you set.

Phase 2: Consider the strengths and limitations to improve readiness for GATE

The second stage is critical for GATE planning after drawing up a GATE analysis plan to consider the strengths and weaknesses. Being good at one topic does not automatically imply you would be good at other topics too. In such a case you ought to concentrate on whether you can improve the probability that the GATE performance will be improved. Building on the strengths and navigating around the shortcomings will be the only technique you will adopt on the GATE test.

Phase 3: Using top-notch GATE ready books & research content

It ‘s important that you do thorough work and pick the right study material before you even start planning your GATE. You may also opt to read books, online video tutorials, lesson content or coaching notes from the undergraduate course. GATE reading books and review material for the GATE are readily accessible on the market so you need to learn what to select to plan for the exam well.

Phase 4: Explain and do not hesitate to check your concerns

It is evident to have reservations when preparing for GATE. So, make it a point to clear up all of your questions long before the test. Ask specialists, professors, and even speak to your mates so you don’t have to wait for exam day.

Often make it a practice to revisit periodically anything you’re researching, whether it’s a specific subject or a whole book. Normal reviews:

  • Makes you more confident about your readiness.
  • Ensures that under the strain of testing you will not miss something.

Phase 5: Keep Pressure Test at Bay

One aspect that sure will make or break the success of the test is the amount of anxiety. Nervousness in the run-up to the exam can prove to be one of the big obstacles in your preparation for GATE. By making a good research schedule, recognizing your strengths and limitations, utilizing appropriate and regular texts, and removing your doubts will definitely help you resolve the burden of your test.

GATE Eligibility 2021

GATE 2021 Eligibility Criteria has been relaxed, from the previous 10+2+4 (ongoing) to 10+2+3 (ongoing), enabling the candidates in the third year of their undergraduate to appear for GATE 2021. This provides an additional opportunity for candidates to improve their performance in GATE. With the introduction of subjects in the fields of humanities and social sciences, students with a background of arts or commerce can also apply for GATE 2021.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates who have completed their class 12 successfully and are already in graduation 3rd year or older are entitled to apply for the test.
  • Candidates who have completed the degree are qualified.
  • Candidates must have a government-approved degree program in Engineering/ Technology/ Architecture/ Science/ Commerce/ Arts. Earlier only STEM candidates were eligible for the exam but from this year’s Commerce and Arts background candidates can also apply. 

Maximum Two papers in GATE 2021

  • Candidates have the right to turn up in GATE 2021 for 1 or 2 documents.
  • Candidates can select the second paper from the given set of combinations. The combination will be mentioned in the information brochure which will be released soon.  
  • The combination list for the second paper would be based on the dates for this year’s facilities and review.
  • Many divisions will not get an alternative for the second article.

GATE 2021 Criteria for qualifications, dependent on age

B.E. / B.Tech / B.Pharm compliance. Students

  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering / Technology (4 years from B.Sc./Diploma of Engineering / Technology 10 + 2 or 3 years)
  • Currently in the 3rd year or higher grade or already completed.
  • Expected Year of Completion – 2022

Eligibility for B.Arch Students

  • Bachelor’s degree of Architecture (5-year course) / Naval Architecture (4-year course) / Planning (4- year course)
  • Currently in the 3rd year or higher grade or already completed.
  • Expected Year of Completion – 2023 (for the 5-year program), 2022 (for the 4-year program)

Eligibility for B.Sc. (Research) Students

  • Degree of Science (post-Diploma/4 years from 10 + 2)
  • Currently in the 3rd year or higher grade or already completed.
  • Expected Year of Completion – 2022

Eligibility for Pharm. D. (after 10+2)

  • 6 years degree program, consisting of internship or residency training, during the third year onwards.
  • Currently in the 3rd /4th / 5th / 6th year or already completed. 
  • Expected Year of Completion – 2024

Eligibility for M.B.B.S.

  • Degree holders of M.B.B.S. and those who are in the 5th / 6th / 7th semester or higher semester of such a program.
  • 5th, 6th, 7th, or higher semester or already completed.
  • Expected Year of Completion – 2022

Eligibility for M.Sc., MA, MCA or Equivalent

  • Master’s degree in any branch of Arts/Science/Mathematics/Statistics/ Computer Applications or equivalent
  • Currently in the first year or higher or already Completed.
  • Expected Year of Completion – 2022

Integrated M.E./M.Tech (Post B.Sc.)

  • Post-B.Sc Integrated Masters of Engineering / Technology (4 year program).
  • Now in or previously finished in the 1st/2nd/3rd/4th year.
  • Expected completion year-2024.

Eligibility to refer to M.E./M.Tech. Or Combined Certificate (Certificate or 10 + 2)

  • Integrated Master’s or Dual Degree in Engineering / Technology (5-year program)
  • Currently in the 3rd /4th / 5th year or already completed. 
  • Expected Year of Completion – 2023

Eligibility for B.Sc. / B.A. / B.Com.

  • Bachelor degree in any branch of Science / Arts / Commerce (3 years program)
  • Currently in the 3rd year or higher or already completed. 
  • Expected Year of Completion – 2021

Eligibility for Integrated M.Sc, Integrated B.S./M.S. 

  • Integrated M.Sc. or 5-year integrated B.S.-M.S. program
  • Currently in the 3rd year or higher or already completed. 
  • Expected Year of Completion – 2022

Eligibility for students with a degree from an examination of the professional society (equivalent to B.E / B.Tech / B.Arch)

  • B.E./B.Tech./B.Arch. equivalent examinations of Professional Societies, recognized by MoE/UPSC/AICTE
  • Example:  AMIE by Institution of Engineers- India, AMICE by the Institute of Civil Engineers-India and so on
  • Section A finished, or equivalent to these technical courses
  • Expected Closing Period – NA

List of Professional Institutes

  • The Institution of Engineers (India) (IE)
  • The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE)
  • The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE)
  • The Aeronautical Society of India (AeSI)
  • The Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers, including Polymer and Environmental Group (IIChemE)
  • The Indian Institute of Metals (IIM)
  • The Indian Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIIE)

Note– Professional Certificate/ Provisional Certificate / Completion of Course / Certificate of Membership issued by the Society or Institute Copy of the section “A” mark sheet

Age Limit and No. of Attempts Criteria

  • There is no defined minimum or overall age requirement for being on the test.
  • A range of attempts to turn up or register for GATE are not restricted.
  • The major criteria for candidates to be eligible for GATE 2021 are nationality and academic qualifications.
  • The eligibility for M.Tech admission through the GATE score may vary as per the participating institute. 

Which IIT will conduct the GATE 2021?

GATE 2021 is to be hosted between 5 and 14 February. Two new subjects are introduced this year enabling the students from the background of humanities to appear for the exam. Even the qualifying requirements were reduced. Students in third year can also take the test.

In consideration of the current pandemic situation in Covid-19, the dates for the GATE-2021 review have been distributed over a longer span of time as of 5 , 6, 7, 12, 13 and 14 February 2021.

GATE 2021 Important Dates (Tentative)

Candidates aspiring for GATE 2021 can check the complete tentative schedule below:

GATE 2021 EventsGATE 2021 Dates
Official website live16-Jul-20
Application form availability14-Sep-2020
Last date to fill the application form30-Sep-2020
Last date to register with late fee7-Oct-2020
Application form correction window13-Nov-2020
Application correction window for specific sections13-Nov-2020
Admit card download8-Jan-2020
Exam day5-Feb-2021 to 7-Feb-2021and12-Feb-2021 to 14-Feb-2021
Result announcement22-Mar-2021

GATE Previous Toppers’ Interview

GATE ToppersGATE Percentiles and preparation Strategy
Kapit AgarwalGATE 2018 Rank: AIR 1 in Electronic & Communication (EC)Prep Strategy: Starting the preparation of GATE early is one of the most important things as it helps in proper revision and reducing the pressure.
Sachin Singh NarukaGATE 2018 Rank: AIR 1 in Chemical Engineering (CH)Prep Strategy: Test series are important from the exam point of view. Candidates must focus on their weaknesses and take guidance from teachers in case of any confusion.
Ankit GoyalGATE 2018 Rank: AIR 1 in Electrical Engineering (EE)Prep Strategy: Mock Tests are very important as it teaches a student about how to manage time and solving previous year questions of respective subjects will suffice.
Naman JaswaniGATE 2018 Rank: AIR 1 in Instrumentation Engineering (IN)Prep Strategy: After completing my entire GATE syllabus by November end, I revised it in December by solving previous year question papers. I also took full-length Mock tests in January.
Divyanshu JhaGATE 2018 Rank: AIR 3 in Production and Industrial Engineering (PI)Prep Strategy: I used to study regularly. I planned for weekly 30-35 hours of study in a week and kept a track of the same.
Sashidhar KasimsettyGATE 2018 Rank: AIR 13 in Instrumentation Engineering (IN)Prep Strategy: Most of the part in UG exams is theoretical but GATE is conceptual and problem-oriented. Having strong basic knowledge is the trait required for GATE.

GATE 2021 Syllabus

GATE 2021 syllabus can be accessed here for all 24 articles including the latest paper “Statistics.” Students appearing in the GATE 2021 exam are required to analyze the GATE 2021 syllabus and exam pattern before starting the preparation. GATE’s 2021 syllabi should be close to last year’s syllabus.

The GATE 2021 syllabus consists of all the subjects electors will learn in order to train for GATE 2021. GATE is a Postgraduate Engineering Test administered at national level. Candidates will carefully review the GATE 2021 syllabus prior to appearing for the test. In order to qualify successfully in the GATE 2021, candidates must concentrate on studying the themes mentioned in the syllabus.

Typically the GATE 2021 Syllabus consists of the fundamental principles of senior secondary courses in science, chemistry , and biology, coupled with several graduate level subjects. The table below summarizes the comprehensive GATE 2021 syllabus with its 24 issues .

GATE AE(Aerospace Engineering) Syllabus 2021 GATE MT(Metallurgical Engineering) Syllabus 2021
GATE XL_R(Botany) Syllabus 2021GATE XL_S(Microbiology) Syllabus 2021
GATE XL_P(Chemistry) Syllabus 2021GATE XL_Q(Biochemistry) Syllabus 2021
GATE XE_H(Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences) Syllabus 2021GATE XE_H(Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences) Syllabus 2021
GATE XE_F(Polymer Science and Engineering) Syllabus 2021GATE XE_G(Food Technology) Syllabus 2021
GATE XE_D(Solid Mechanics) Syllabus 2021GATE XE_E(Thermodynamics) Syllabus 2021
GATE XE_B(Fluid Mechanics) Syllabus 2021GATE XE_C(Materials Science) Syllabus 2021
GATE TF(Textile Engineering and Fibre Science) Syllabus 2021GATE XE_A(Engineering Mathematics) Syllabus 2021
GATE PI(Production and Industrial Engineering) Syllabus 2021GATE ST(Statistics) Syllabus 2021
GATE PE(Petroleum Engineering) Syllabus 2021GATE PH(Physics) Syllabus 2021
GATE ME(Mechanical Engineering) Syllabus 2021GATE MN(Mining Engineering) Syllabus 2021
GATE IN(Instrumentation Engineering) Syllabus 2021GATE MA(Mathematics) Syllabus 2021
GATE EC(Ecology and Evolution) Syllabus 2021GATE GG(Geology and Geophysics) Syllabus 2021
GATE EC(Electronics and Communication Engg.) Syllabus 2021GATE EE(Electrical Engineering) Syllabus 2021
GATE CY(Chemistry) Syllabus 2021GATE CS(Computer Science and Engineering) Syllabus 2021
GATE CE(Civil Engineering) Syllabus 2021GATE CH(Chemical Engineering) Syllabus 2021
GATE BM(Biomedical Engineering) Syllabus 2021GATE BT(Biotechnology) Syllabus 2021
GATE AG(Agricultural Engineering) Syllabus 2021GATE AR(Architecture and Planning) Syllabus 2021
GATE XL_T(Zoology) Syllabus 2021GATE XL_U(Food Technology) Syllabus 2021

GATE 2021 Mathematics Syllabus, and Preparation Tips

Mathematics includes the study of topics like quantity, structure, space, and change. The syllabus of GATE 2021 Mathematics paper is based on the topics studied at the graduation level. The question asked in paper will be based on formulas, equations, and graphs.

Preparation Tips for GATE 2021 Mathematics (MA) Paper 

1. Know your Syllabus and Exam Pattern

  • Candidates must have accurate information about the exam pattern. This will help them in understanding the weightage of sections, marking schemes, etc.
  • After that, candidates must go through their syllabus again and again so that they won’t miss any topic.
  • Candidates are advised to follow the syllabus prescribed by the exam conducting body.
  • With the help of the right syllabus, you can easily plan your preparation. 

2. Prepare a Productive Plan

Candidates are suggested to prepare a plan as per their capabilities. Do not overburden yourself. You can follow the below-mentioned tips to prepare a plan:

  • Long Term Plan: In long term planning you can divide your syllabus based on the months that are left for preparations. 
  • Short Term Plan: In the short term plan, you can divide the topics that you want to cover in a week. You can also call it a weekly plan. This plan is more defined in comparison to a long term plan because here you would know exactly which topics you have to cover in a particular week. 

3. Manage your Time Properly

  • Time management is a must in GATE Preparations. 
  • Candidates need to give 6-8 hours of time for GATE preparations (considering you have 3-4 months left for the exam)
  • Take frequent breaks to avoid laziness and to get refreshed.
  • Dedicate 1-2 hours especially for revisions. 

4. Practice Papers

  • Candidates solve the practice papers after completion of the whole syllabus or simultaneously after completion of each topic. 
  • You can improve the accuracy and speed of solving questions.
  • With the help of practice papers, you can judge the level of your performance. 
  • You can get a better idea about the exam pattern, the difficulty level of questions, type of questions, etc.

5. Revision from Notes

  • During the time of preparation prepare handwritten notes for each topic.
  • These notes should include all the important points, tips, tricks, short cut methods, formulas, etc.
  • Revise these notes on a daily basis. This will help you in memorizing important things. 
  • Notes are helpful for a quick look before the exam

GATE 2021 Exam Guidelines

Alongside the test planning, it is additionally significant for the contender to be totally mindful of all GATE 2021 test rules heretofore. A portion of the principles and guidelines of GATE 2020 are referenced underneath: 

  • Competitors who neglect to arrive at the setting according to the calendar, won’t be permitted to enter the test corridor after the beginning of the test. The individuals who are inside the test corridor might be permitted to leave once the assessment is finished. 
  • Each applicant is relied upon to keep up propriety in and outside the assessment lobby. If there should arise an occurrence of infringement of any of the principles and guidelines, the Institute maintains whatever authority is needed to exclude the up-and-comer with no discount of expense. 
  • To maintain a strategic distance from any offense during the GATE 2020 Exam, arbitrary checking by means of Biometric data like photo and fingerprints might be taken from the up-and-comers. 
  • No solicitation for any adjustment in the GATE assessment focus will be engaged by the directing power. 
  • In the assessment lobby, invigilators will give write cushions to the possibility of harsh work. Prior to utilizing it, up-and-comers must not neglect to make reference to their names and enrollment numbers on the cushion. Also, toward the finish of the assessment, applicants are required to restore the scrawl cushion to the invigilator. 
  • Any trouble making with the invigilator or a staff individual from the Institute won’t go on without serious consequences and may prompt crossing out of affirmation. 
  • Competitors showing up for GATE 2020 need to download and take a printout of the concession card accessible online from the official site and should convey it to the assessment community. Any competitor who doesn’t have the legitimate Admit card alongside the first photograph personality confirmation will not be permitted to enter the test corridor regardless. 
  • Telephones, Calculators, IT contraptions and some other specialized gadget, for example, Bluetooth, and so on are carefully denied inside the premises where the assessment is being led. Up-and-comers, whenever found possessing these things in the test lobby (regardless of whether not utilizing), won’t be permitted to take the test. 
  • During the direct of the test, up-and-comers ought not tinker with the PC and other equipment gadgets given in the assessment corridor. The up-and-comer saw as blameworthy may prompt the abrogation of his/her candidature. 
  • Competitors must not engage in any sort of negligence as it could prompt genuine move by the test-making authority. During the direct of the test, competitors ought not have any notes or different sorts of composed/printed matter with them. 
  • Utilizing any type of correspondence inside the assessment corridor is carefully restricted for up-and-comers. 
  • No obligation will be acknowledged by the Institute or GATE authorities for any misfortune or harm to the individual articles of the up-and-comers. 
  • Smoking and savoring the test lobby are carefully precluded. 
  • On the off chance that an understudy is found to have lost or lost his/her ID card or expense receipt, he/she won’t be given a copy ID card or charge receipt. 
  • Any up-and-comer discovered abusing the set of accepted rules may have his/her candidature dropped. Answer contents for such competitors may not be considered for assessment, regardless of whether he/she is allowed to complete the test.

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