7 Largest and Most Beautiful Malls In the World

7 Largest and Most Beautiful Malls In the World

7 Largest and Most Beautiful Malls In the World

The world’s largest retail capitals are possibly at the top of your travel wish list if you want to shop while you travel. New York, Paris, Milan, London, and Hong Kong are all world-renowned for their shopping facilities and large numbers of visitors flock year-on-year to each city with credit cards primed. Everyone has their weakness, the thing that they make a beeline for while spending, whether it be shoes, boots, suits, or jewelry. These record-breaking shopping centers open to us all.

Malls are such an important part of our lives that we couldn’t resist going there from time-to-time even after the introduction of authoritative e-commerce websites. They are also an important asset to local as well as the national economy.

We also assembled a list of the largest mall in the world, based on the gross leasable area. The total room (floor) available for commercial occupancy is the gross leasable area or GLA. The gross floor space, on the other hand, is the overall space, including walls, inside an institution.

Here’s a look at some of the largest, most famous shopping centers around the globe.

1. Iran Mall (Under Construction)

Located In: Chitgar Lake, Tehran

Gross Leasable Area: 1.4 million square meters

Estimated Completion: 2020

The crown of the largest mall in the world goes to Iran Mall, located in northwestern Tehran. The (ongoing) construction of the mall takes place in two stages.

In 2018, the first phase was inaugurated, involving services ranging from restaurants and food courts to cinemas and a family entertainment center. And the Iran Mall will maintain its location for quite some time with the planned completion of the second phase in 2020.

Since the second and final stages of the project have been completed, the gross area will rise from 1.4 million square meters to 1.95 million square meters.

2. New Century Global Center

Located In: Chengdu, China

Opened In: 2013

Gross Leasable Area: 400,000 Square Meters

China’s New Century Global Center is the largest building (1,700,000 m2) in the world in terms of gross floor space. Its scale is equal to that of three football fields in the Pentagon or 246. A colossal water park with an underwater bench and a cinema is situated inside. It also hosts an ice rink, office parking, and an InterContinental Hotel with 1000 seats.

3. Central World

Located In: Bangkok, Thailand

Opened In: 1990 and/or 2006

Gross Leasable Area: 187,046 Square Meters

CentralWorld Mall in Bangkok was originally opened in 1990 as the ‘World Trade Center.’ Following an extension, it was renamed to Central World Plaza in 2003. To cope with Siam Paragon mall (also in Bangkok), the mall went through another round of renovations. The name was officially changed in 2006 to Central Country.

Nearly 600 department stores, a 45-story office block, and a 5-star hotel with a 17,000-m2 conference center are located in the mall. Around an area of 1,024,000 m2, the entire complex is located.

4. Persian Gulf Complex

Located In: Shiraz, Iran

Opened In: 2011

Gross Leasable Area: 450,000 Square Meters

The Persian Gulf Complex is Iran’s third-largest and the 12th largest mall in the world in terms of gross floor space. However, in terms of the overall number of stores (2,500), it is the second-highest, behind only Iran Mall.

A bowling alley, six cinemas, three theme parks (one outside) with a gaming corner, two swimming pools, and a hypermarket are inside the complex.

5. 1 Utama

Located In: Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Opened In: 1995

Gross Leasable Area: 465,000 Square Meters

1 Utama, situated near Kuala Lumpur in the city of Petaling Jaya, is Malaysia’s largest shopping center. It is home to Southeast Asia’s largest rooftop park, a crossfire arcade area, and a massive 36-lane bowling alley. There are as many as six other outdoor sports facilities inside the mall.

The entire complex was designed in two stages, the most recent of which was opened to the public on 19 August 2011. More than 60,000 people visit 1 Utama every day on weekdays and about 120,000 people on weekdays, according to official figures.

6. SM Seaside City Cebu

Located In: Cebu City, Philippines

Opened In: 2015

Gross Leasable Area: 470,486 Square Meters

SM Seaside City Cebu (don’t mistake it with SM City Cebu) is the SM Seaside Complex’s crowned jewel, a project of around 8.5 billion (close to US$ 600 million) featuring apartment towers, office spaces, and a hotel.

Including an 18-lane bowling alley and an Olympic-sized ice rink, the mall has an entertainment park. It also houses a large-format movie theatre (similar to IMAX), and six other cinemas.

A 150-meter tall landmark, known as the Seaside Center, is at the center of the mall. A full 360-degree view of the city is offered by the top observation deck of this structure.

7. SM City North EDSA

Located In: Quezon City, Philippines

Opened In: 1985

Gross Leasable Area: 498,000 Square Meters

The EDSA mall in SM City North is the largest in the Philippines and the seventh-largest in the country. It was also SM Supermalls’ very first real estate initiative. The mall had only 120,000 square meters of gross floor space when it was opened in 1985. The mall hit its current size only after a series of reconstruction and extension schemes (since 2006).

The entire complex is divided, minus the original building, into five blocks or annexes. Two of the five blocks accommodate office spaces, while the remaining two are reserved for parking primarily. There are shopping stores, hotels, and entertainment centers in the remaining block (annex 2).

In other nations, many shopping malls offer a whole lot more than just shopping. In these areas, thousands of shops are also joined by movie theatres, ice-skating rinks, roller coasters, and live entertainment. And while malls in America close and lose shops, more retailers and attractions begin to be introduced to many malls in other countries.

Hong Kong’s Times Square mall, for instance, has 14 shopping, dining, and entertainment levels. Similarly, Alberta, Canada’s West Edmonton Mall has an amusement park with a whopping 24 swings. The Dubai Mall has over 1,200 individual stores, and that doesn’t include the amusement park or the other attractions the mall provides. The other malls are absurdly large.

If you are curious, Dubai Mall, located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is the largest mall in the world in terms of the total size. Its area is more than SF 12.1 million. Given the number of stores in the Persian Gulf Complex in Iran, which has space for 2,500 shops, this is the world’s biggest shopping center.

Shopping malls are not only meant to meet the needs of shopaholics, but also to provide window shoppers or casual browsers with a pleasant experience. If a shopping center needs to be appealing enough, certain other amenities, but only shopping centers, should also be available. When individuals of all age groups attend shopping malls regularly, they should understand the interests and dislikes of all age groups. There are a few great shopping malls across the globe, which can be said in all ways.

Let us discuss a few popular shopping malls worldwide.

1. Mall of America, Minnesota

Because of its theme park and the wedding chapel, the huge mall is famous. Since it opened in 1992, the wedding chapel has conducted about 5000 weddings. The Mall of America is North America’s third-biggest mall. Around 40 million visitors visit this mall every year, which is estimated to be eight times the entire Minnesota population. The mall offers you a cinema, nickelodeon universe theme park, aquarium, flight simulators, adventure golf, and a comedy house for entertainment.

2.  Mall of Emirates, Dubai

It is not possible to list the Mall of Emirates in Dubai only in a shopping mall since it offers many entertainment and leisure opportunities. In this mall, about 450 retailers have constructed their shops. The mall offers a Middle East ski resort, a beautiful planet on two floors, the biggest indoor family entertainment center, and a 14-screen movie theatre.

3. The Grand Canal Shoppes, Las Vegas

The center is built over an area of 500, 000 square feet, and the shopping center is next to the Venetian Hotel and the casino. In its inner canals, where gondolas take you through the streets, lies the specialty of this mall. The other highlights in this mall are live shows. In this mall, you can find a flagship, high-fashion Barneys New York store, and several designer boutiques.

4. Wafi Mall, Dubai

All the world’s leading brands are sponsored by the Wafi mall, many of them are available exclusively in Wafi. There are about 350 stores in Wafi Mall, which only sell original and appreciated brand items. By offering options for fashion, food, culture, lifestyle, and so on, the mall has an elegant look. The Wafi Mall has also received several awards for having the best hotels, retail outlets, hotels, and salons in the world.

5. The Dubai Mall, Dubai

Dubai Mall is potentially the biggest mall in the world, with 1200 retail outlets. The mall has also recorded its name as the Largest Acrylic Panel in the world in the Guinness Books of World Records. There are several houses in this mall and even an aquarium. There is also an ice rink, a luxurious hotel with 250 suites, a 22-screen theatre, and 120 malls and cafes in the mall.

6. West Edmonton Mall, Canada

As it contains about 800 stores, the West Edmonton mall is considered the fifth-biggest mall worldwide. This center has the first indoor water park and the world’s biggest wave pool. In its parking lot, this mall is capable of parking about 20,000 cars. An amusement park called Galaxyland, which provides many exciting features, such as roller coasters, is part of this complex. There is a pool, a restaurant, an indoor shooting range, a petting zoo, a dinner theatre, a cinema, and four radio stations within the mall. This mall was built in 1981 and also contains an inter-denominational temple.

7. Tokyo Midtown, Japan

Located in Tokyo, Japan, the Tokyo Midtown Mall stretches over an area of 786,000 sq ft. As it is open to everyone in Tokyo and located in the heart of Tokyo city, the mall is very popular. In this mall, the buildings contain office spaces, residential apartments, commercial hotels, and several recreational spaces. This mall is the tallest building in Tokyo.

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